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Most Harmful Minerals In Unfiltered Water

Scientists have recently discovered the alarming number of chemicals found in tap water. The Ralph Nader Research Group discovered more […]

Scientists have recently discovered the alarming number of chemicals found in tap water. The Ralph Nader Research Group discovered more than 2,100 of these chemicals across the United States. Many of these toxins have not yet been tested and their potential side effects are unknown. Understanding where these chemicals are coming from, what they are, and their risk are important for all unfiltered tap water consumers.

Where the toxins come from.
The increased use of pesticides and herbicides in the agriculture industry, and toxic waste released from large commercial factories contribute to much of the water pollution in the United States; however, dumping household chemicals like bleach and other cleaners how the drain can also lead to tap water pollution.

The level of present chemicals varies from city to city. Every water company publishes statistics on what is found in their water and at what levels. A more accurate assessment of the water quality in a given home is found using a water testing kit that tests the water straight from the tap. Monitoring the water quality with these tests on a semi-annual basis will provide the most accurate report of water toxins.

Dangerous Minerals to be aware of.
Some of the most dangerous minerals found in unfiltered tap water are added by the water treatment facilities. In order to kill harmful bacteria like e-coli, chlorine is added at every water treatment facility in the United States. Ingesting trace amounts of chlorine is not harmful to humans, but repeated exposure to chlorine from showering and bathing in unfiltered water can cause drying and itching of the skin, hair, and eyes. Moreover, the byproducts found from adding chlorine to water have been linked to cancer.

Another dangerous toxin they add is fluorine. It is used in water for the same reason that dentists use it: to promote healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is an aggressive chemical that is harmful to bones when repeatedly ingested, and is linked to osteoporosis. The proper level of fluoride is minute and hasn’t been shown to be effective in preventing tooth decay.

Reducing exposure to harmful minerals. 
Water filter systems are becoming more and more popular in the United States for drinking water, and are the first step to protecting the body from harmful toxins. It is important to note that drinking tap water is not the only way people can be exposed to harsh chemicals.

Showering and bathing in unfiltered water can be even more dangerous than drinking it, and adding filters to these taps is just as important. The skin is porous and cannot regulate what is absorbed from the water. The skin is also a direct path to the bloodstream, where harsh chemicals can spread quickly through the body and cause serious illness and diseases.

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