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Mother’s Day Jewelry And Other Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is one of my favorite days of the year. I consider this to be a personal holiday and […]

Mother’s day is one of my favorite days of the year. I consider this to be a personal holiday and I almost always take the day off to spend it with my mother.

Being a professional jeweler and the owner of several popular jewelry websites, I get a lot of questions about how to find and create original mother’s day gifts.


How well do you know your Mother?

I think part of the beauty of the whole mother’s day gift ritual is the fact that it confronts you with the question of just how well you know your mother. I find it amusing when people come into my shop to look for the perfect gift and when I ask them what their mother’s favorite color is; they simply stare at me with amazement, as if I asked them the most unexpected question.

So mother’s day is a great opportunity for you to stop and ask just how well you know your mom. For some of you, answering questions such as what is her favorite color, what is her favorite necklace and what dress is her favorite will be easy to answer.

Those of you that have no idea what the answers are, this is a good opportunity to check, before you begin to look for a mother’s day gift.

Designing a Mother’s Day Necklace

When you design a mother’s day necklace, by using an online popular jewelry service, you can actually create an original gift by selecting from various designs and options.

There are three main options that allow for the creation of an original piece: style and design, material and personal message.

Let’s take a look at those options and see how you can come up with a great mother’s day gift by using them appropriately.

When it comes to design and style, if you don’t really know your mother’s preferences you may want to take a look at her favorite jewelry in order to get a feel for what will be pleasing for her. Ask yourself what you would like to say and what message you would like to give her, as this may also influence your choice of style and design.

Selecting the material, normally gold, white gold, acrylic or silver will most of the times naturally follow your choice of design. This is the part where the question how much you know your mother’s preferences will be relevant.

You also have the option of making the necklace more personal by inscribing a brief message or using both your initials.

Last, but not least, remember, that some designs and ideas that may ordinarily seem banal, may take a completely different meaning because of the emotional intensity involved here.

Doron Heifetz is a professional jeweler and the owner of a website specializing in mother’s day necklace designs.

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