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Motivation In A Small Business

We all have to work and we all want to have a job that we enjoy. This is not just […]

We all have to work and we all want to have a job that we enjoy. This is not just about finding the right role, it is also about working in the right environment. Many people look for the security of a job in a large company, but there are a number of down sides to this. Conversely, small businesses offer employees many benefits that cannot be found in a larger firm.

If you work for a small business, it is generally a lot easier to retain motivation and motivation is one of the key elements influencing how much you enjoy your job. In short, you feel more connected to a small business and more important as a consequence, whereas it is easy to feel lost and irrelevant in a giant corporation.

Many small businesses have a real community feel about them, which is incredibly valuable in this day and age. Whatever work you are doing, you are likely to come into regular contact with clients or customers and this is fundamentally good for your mental wellbeing. It reminds you that you are doing your work for a reason and that others depend on you.
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For similar reasons, it is also easier to feel like you’re working towards something. You can see how the business’s fortunes ebb and flow and if there are fewer staff, you appreciate that what you do has an influence on that. There is more of a feeling of being in it together, meaning that in tough times, people are more likely to put in greater effort.

This might not sound significant, but it gives purpose to your work, which is very important. Purpose brings greater satisfaction. If you’re putting in hours of overtime and can’t see why, it is just dispiriting. You are only working for the money, which is not necessarily satisfying in itself.

You are also more likely to be valued in a small business. In a large firm, people may not quite understand what work you are doing – they may not even really know who you are. In contrast, a small business is likely to treat its employees as individuals. It is important to be recognised for who you are and what you do and this too leads to greater contentment with one’s work. It may even be that you are financially rewarded should the business do well, which again helps you stay motivated in tougher times.

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