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Must Haves for Your Summer Holiday

Whether you’re enjoying a break in the UK, or travelling abroad, the time for summer holidays is here! After you’ve […]

Whether you’re enjoying a break in the UK, or travelling abroad, the time for summer holidays is here! After you’ve decided where to go, found dates to travel and booked your transport and accommodation, you still need to face the biggest challenge of any holiday: packing. Fitting everything you need into a suitcase, whether it’s for a month in the sun or a long weekend city break means making tough decisions. Today we’re here to help with these decisions by talking you through the essentials you’ll need on any holiday.


This might seem obvious, but of course you’re going to need clothes, and if you don’t choose carefully, you’re going to fill up a suitcase with outfits for every possible occasion, and leave yourself with no room for anything else!

Think about what you’re going to be doing on this holiday, and pack appropriately: if you’re going to be lounging by the pool then shorts and a pair of men’s Slydes may be all you need to enjoy your holiday. If your plans involve more walking around historic cities, then you’ll need more a more substantial wardrobe!


Wherever you’re travelling you’re going to need to know where to go. If you’re travelling with the intent to explore, then you’ll need to plot your course between museums, churches and other landmarks. Even if you’re having a more relaxed holiday then you might want to look up new bars and restaurants to head to in the evening.

Paper guidebooks might seem old fashioned in the smartphone age, but they have plenty of advantages to the traveller in 2019: they can’t break, run out of power or rack up roaming charges! Even if you’re planning on being reliant on the web for the majority of your planning, a pocket guidebook to fall back on in an emergency is a resource you should not be without!

Emergency Supplies

It might be overcautious to bring a full first aid kit with you, but you’ll still want to make sure emergencies are catered for: if you take regular medication, make sure you have a dedicated supply for your trip packed, along with a packet of plasters (make a point of buying waterproof ones if you’re going to be by the beach), painkillers, and any allergy medication you might need for the people in your party, whether that’s a Epipen for severe allergies or simply some antihistamines. Along with basic toiletries, this should complete your packing.

Tactical packing like this means you may be able to travel lighter, while still having everything you need with you to enjoy your holiday!

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