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Myths and Misconceptions About Search Engine Optimization

The field of search engine optimization is growing each with the latest trends and technologies. Search engine optimization or SEO has become one of the most familiar term to people. Many people consider internet marketing and SEO as the same field. Though SEO is a form of internet marketing, both are different concepts. Internet marketing is a very vast term and SEO can be considered as a type or classification of internet marketing. SEO includes in internet marketing process. Internet marketing is done considering internet as the platform or base. Whereas, the base of SEO is search engines.

SEO activities are based on how search engines work and how they track their websites for the keywords. As SEO has received much popularity in the society, there also prevail many myths regarding the same. Some of the myths slowly fade away by time and some get more popular than the truth. Before choosing a company for SEO services in Kerala, one should be able to differentiate the myth and truth. Otherwise, the myths may mislead you to the wrong way. The article discusses about the myths about SEO that still prevails in the society.

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