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Perfect Guide For A Beard Neckline

Beards look great, but it requires high maintenance for gaining appreciation and also needs a considerable investment of time to […]

Beards look great, but it requires high maintenance for gaining appreciation and also needs a considerable investment of time to make it perfect. There are many aspects of shaving your beard, and the one most important is the beard neckline. This aspect of beards is the one that can break or make your look. A well-trimmed and shaved neckline gives your mane a touch of sophistication that is needed.

You can either work around your neckline trimming skills or go for a lean shaven face that does not require any neckline, just a razor to cut it all off. You might also go for a mustache with the clean-shaven look if you think a clean shave is too much for you.

Perfect Guide For A Beard Neckline

But, many of us happen to find it challenging to find and trim the beard neckline properly. Every beard style requires a different neckline. There are many beard shaping techniques and tools that can help you gain the best beard neckline. If the question in your mind is how to shape a beard neckline perfectly, follow this simple how-to guide to make sure you are on the right track.

Step 1: An Ear to Ear Imaginary Line

The height of your beard neckline is the first step in moving towards a perfect beard neckline. All you have to do is imagine a line starting from the under the earlobes and travelling below your jawline to your other ear. The next steps depend on your beard style that you sport. You can go high or low only to the extent where you don’t end up completely shaving off the beard neckline.

Step 2: Width of your Beard

Your beard neckline requires a careful inspection before you start shaping it. If the first step goes wrong, everything after that might also go wrong, so be careful. Hence, if your neckline looks too narrow or wide, there is something wrong. Here is how you can decide the width of the beard neckline. Just visualize a line that runs from the back of your sideburns to the ear-to-ear line where the two meet.

Step 3: Shave it Off

 You have now successfully decided on the width and height of your beard. Once this is done, you are just left with shaving it off. So, wait no more, go ahead and follow the shaving routine to get rid of the extra whiskers that cross the beard neckline boundaries. You can use a trimmer and trim the extra whiskers that cannot be shaved. Then you can go ahead and pick the razor to get a clean and smooth shave.

Next, use a trimmer like Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Styler, which is an all-purpose face and body hair trimmer, shaver and an edger, which will help you, make the neckline sharp and edgy. The precision trimmer on the back helps you in doing it and perfecting the beard neckline.

The neckline can be a tricky thing to groom, but it is also the most essential of all when it comes to beard grooming. The three-step beard neckline guide that we just discussed can help you get a sharp neckline. But, if you want to stay away from the trouble of maintaining it, then go for a clean-shaven look.

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