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Personal Horoscope – The Belief

Being an evergreen ancient philosophy, Astrology is still going strong. Its concept roots down back thousands of years when the […]

Being an evergreen ancient philosophy, Astrology is still going strong. Its concept roots down back thousands of years when the Greeks came up with it. They believed that the movements and temporary positions held by the sun and planets had the ability to affect the life and future of a person. The word “astrology” means “Science of the stars” in Greek Language. The past has witnessed a lot of beliefs related to the sun, moon and positions of the constellations. Various civilizations also used to predict weather, time and also the best times to plant crops.

Astrology has been evolving ever since then over the time and has been receiving global acceptance. Some prominent writers also contributed in the form of books about reaching out to a large number of people about the astrological concept. The belief has grown over time because of some instances and events that took place almost exactly as they were predicted by astrologers before time. Today astrology finds a lot of importance is many lives and is taken quite seriously worldwide. Of course there are other such concepts that have been coming up in parallels but this one is the widest spread.

Personal Horoscope – The Belief

The personal astrology chart of an individual is connected with the time of his or her birth, date as well as year. A thing to notice here is that there are 12 segments of one year which are the 12 months and they are named according to the constellation of the stars at that time. It is also interesting to note that every horoscope would have its negative and positive aspects and none can actually be avoided.

There are twelve horoscope signs which are Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer. These are categorized in segments throughout the year based on the date of births of different people. For example a person who was born between April 20th and May 20th would have “Taurus” as his or her sun sign. Thus, personal horoscope related to Taurus would be read by people falling in that category.

Similarly there are other countries that base their horoscope classifications based on various beliefs. Chinese Horoscope, for example use concepts which are on the basis of animals such as ox, rat, tiger, dragon, rabbit, monkey, snake, pig or boar, rooster, sheep, dog, own and more. Though it is widely accepted but the origin of Chinese horoscope is vague.

With all that, one must not completely rely on horoscopes and sun signs to drive a life. It should be taken in a spirit of fun and information but not very seriously. It adversely affects the present time that a person may have and can utilize in the best way. A lot of companies and saints offer services of personalized horoscopes and make a living. It is evident that the belief on horoscopes would carry on as it is but one should believe the most in his or her own ability to change the fortune.

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