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Planning The Countdown For Your Indian Wedding

You have found the perfect life partner and soon you will be tying the knot with him. Whether it is […]

You have found the perfect life partner and soon you will be tying the knot with him. Whether it is the year before your wedding day or the day before, you need to plan things so everything will run smoothly. Avoid last-minute rushes by planning your activities and spacing them well apart from each other.

6 months before the wedding ceremony

You can start your wedding shopping now. If you want to go on a diet, start at least a year before the wedding because by the time 6 months are up, you will have an idea of how you will look on your wedding. Now start shopping for the wedding dress and accessories keeping in mind what your weight would be in another 6 months time. If you acquire your desired weight 6 months before the wedding, maintain it. If you are still a few pounds heavier, then continue losing. By now, you will have an idea of the pace with which you are losing your weight. If you are choosing a saree for the Indian wedding, then make sure it shows off your assets.

Planning The Countdown For Your Indian Wedding

Finding a groom to match your physical and emotional needs is a boon. Matrimonial sites are a great help. Please visit Vysya Matrimony to know why many brides and grooms vouch for it.

3-4 months before the Indian wedding

Now you would start getting the jitters, after the initial thrill. You should seriously start thinking about your budget. You must discuss with the groom’s family to know what all rituals and functions they prefer to have on the days before and after the wedding also. Then make a guest list of all the people you intend to invite for the function. Rework on the list till you know you have included all the relatives, friends and colleagues. If you intend to have an intimate wedding first, and then a grand reception later on, then mention that in the invitation. Depending on the number of guests, you can book the venue. It would be during this period that you must book accommodation for the guests. You can also start looking for a good photographer. If you have the contact details of professional photographers then you can inform them of the days on which you need their services. If you are sifting through the qualifications of different photographers, then interview each one of them and decide on the best one. This should be completed at least 2 months before the wedding. During this period, you should also be religiously keeping up with your beauty salon appointments.

2-3 months before the Indian wedding

This is the time when you send out invitations and make personal visits to invite people. Now you must concentrate on keeping yourself physically fit and emotionally happy. Your beauty treatments including pedicure and manicure and other skin treatments should be done more frequently.  Do last minute shopping and gifts for relatives. Plan your honeymoon.

A few weeks more

You can confirm your bookings and contracts with different vendors. Make sure your honeymoon suitcases are all packed and ready.

The Indian wedding day

Relax and enjoy the tide of this gloriously beautiful day.

Indian wedding is one of the most important events in your life, so make it special. The ceremonies and rituals that go into the execution of the actual ceremony are very important too. However, most of the Indian weddings do not go into such elaborate rituals due to lack of time. 5-7 day wedding events are now condensed into 2-day and 3-day events.

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