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Popular Birthstone Descriptions And Meanings

Every month in the year has at least one birthstone commonly associated with it. These stones are all different in […]

Every month in the year has at least one birthstone commonly associated with it. These stones are all different in color and look and are thought to provide healing powers or positive energy to the people who wear them. Birthstones make perfect gifts for everyone, as they are meaningful, beautiful and symbolic. You can find them as loose stones or beads, or set in a variety of attractive settings.

Popular Birthstone Descriptions And Meanings



The birthstone of January is Garnet, which symbolizes everlasting friendship and trust. Garnet ranges in color from deep purple to yellow and green.



Amethyst’s powers are supposed to be highest during the month of February. Amethyst is worn in order to keep a person sharp of thought and action. It is purple quartz, with tones of red and violet.



In fitting with its name, the birth month of March is bluish green in color. Sailors used to wear aquamarine in hopes of having a safe voyage at sea. This stone is additionally worn in order to keep a person’s temper under control, as it is thought to cool a hot head.



People born in April are lucky indeed to be able to associate diamonds with their birth month. Diamonds have come to symbolize strength, beauty, love and clarity and are a highly sought after stone by people born at different times during the calendar year. As a healing stone, diamonds are thought to enhance a person’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the qualities of any other stones that a person may wear at the same time.



The birthstone of May is famous for its beautiful green color and prominent role in the Wizard of Oz. A symbol of rebirth, Emerald gems are said to bring their wearers youth, wealth and good fortune.



Timeless and always classy, pearls are the birthstone of people born in June. They are the only gem cultured from a living creature, though they have been almost exclusively commercially cultured since 1920.


Another birthstone of June, Moonstones come in a variety of colors including purple, green and blue. The moonstone is considered a sacred gem in India, and is believed to have a spirit within it whose purpose is to bring good fortune to those who wear it.



The birthstone of July is known for its sensual red color and its association with love and lust. Rubys are believed to bring wealth, wisdom and love to those who adorn them. They are extremely hardy and durable enough for everyday wear.



One of the birthstones of August is Peridot, which comes in many colors but is most coveted in its green and olive forms. Peridot is believed to have magical powers that bring the wearer influence and protection against nightmares.


August’s second birthstone, Sardonyx is recognized by its reddish brown and white banding. It was especially popular with the soldiers of Ancient Greece and Rome, where it was believed to bring power in combat and courage to the battlefield for those who wore it.



Beautiful sapphires are loved throughout the world in all shades of blue, but are most prized when they have colors of pure medium blue to a bluish-violet. In fitting with its blue color, people have long worn sapphires as a means of symbolizing heaven and hoping for heavenly blessings.



October’s birthstone, tourmaline, comes in variety of colors to suit differing tastes, but it is often sought out for its ability to showcase two or more colors in a single stone. Tourmaline is believed to hold many different powers with specific purposes related to the different colors it comes in. Black tourmaline is a symbol of good luck and fortune.



One of November’s birthstones, topaz is another gemstone that comes in a rainbow of colors. It is most prized as Imperial Topaz, when it appears as an orange stone with pink undertones. Wearers of topaz will benefit from its soothing and healing qualities.


November’s other birthstone, citrine, is also known as “healing quartz”. Citrine is a good option as a gift for birthday’s in November because it is the most affordable gemstone and has a beautiful golden color. Wearing citrine will give a person better health, energy, and vitality, as well as bringing them warmth and understanding.



Tanzanite is one of the birthstones of December. A fairly recently discovered stone, Tanzanite is found exclusively in Tanzania. With colors ranging from blue to purple, Tanzanite has steadily been increasing in popularity and value.


Always in fashion in the American Southwest, turquoise is December’s second birthstone. This stone is bluish green to light blue and is commonly found as beads in jewelry. It is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy while helping to connect them to their natural surroundings.

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