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Prevent Thumb Sucking Is Easier

Thumb sucking is common in every child. It is a behavior common to any human being but according to the […]

Thumb sucking is common in every child. It is a behavior common to any human being but according to the research, thumb sucking will only last for four to five years of age. It is a child’s way of lessening the anxiety and insecurity they feel. However, it may cause some oral problems that might affect their health. That’s why doctors recommend preventing of thumb sucking as early as possible.

Parents are aware that their child is sucking his or her fingers, but they don’t have the knowledge on how to prevent this kind of bad habit. As mentioned, thumb sucking is common to every child but it should be prevent as early as possible.

Thumb sucking is natural and sooner or later, your kids will surely stop doing it. But if your child does thumb sucking even when their adult teeth start to come out, it may cause some defects and deformity to their teeth. Their jaw might be reshaped as well because their mouth structure is still soft and not fully developed.

Some of the reasons why kids thumb suck include being disappointed, bored, or irritated. If that is the case, parents should do some actions to prevent thumb sucking. If they feel that they are tired, ask them to rest. If they are bored, play with them and if they feel disappointed, ask them what they want. With that, you will be able to prevent thumb sucking.

For some parents, getting rid of the kid’s bad habits is one of the most difficult things. Thumb sucking is a hard habit to break. Some kids use it as their way of falling asleep. It can also cause some infections because of the simple fact that non-sterile thumbs are covered with infectious things. To stop them from sucking their thumbs, let them wear a glove to prevent thumb-sucking. When they are wearing the thumbsucking glove, they will always be reminded not to thumb suck.

As most parents do every time they want their child to accomplish something good, rewards are the easiest ways to make them do what you desire. Give them something like toys or new dresses in exchange of not sucking their thumbs. This way, you will not only be able to spend some of your time with them, but you can also let your child enjoy and learn something new.

Taking care of the child’s health is every parent’s responsibility. It is their duty to check and ensure their child’s physical conditions. Parents are the most influential person to every child. That’s why it is their job to remind their kids about the causes and effects of thumb sucking. Preventing your child from thumb sucking is not an easy task at all. But as long as you give some of your time reminding them that it is not a good routine to thumb suck, sooner or later, you will see that your child will overcome this problem. With that, you will be able to prevent your child from thumb sucking.

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