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Preventing Spread of Diseases Through Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are usually worn by people working in hospitals like doctors and nurses in order to prevent contact with […]

Medical scrubs are usually worn by people working in hospitals like doctors and nurses in order to prevent contact with diseases. Therefore, when a professional is checking a person up, the scrubs are taking the full heat of the exposure to a disease. Therefore, treating the scrubs well is important in order to keep diseases from spreading. You need to clean it everyday with disinfectants and dry it well in heat in order to kill germs.

Medical Scrubs

Most hospitals used to send the nursing scrubs and robes and gowns to the dry cleaners where they would be washed together. However, most hospitals realized that the chemicals used at professional Laundromats were very strong and hence they used to spoil the scrubs. This led to an increase in expenses for the hospital as scrubs were needed to be bought more often. So, many hospitals stopped this practice. Instead, they asked the nurses to clean their own scrubs. This led to certain other problems. The detergents that were used by the nurses were not strong enough to eliminate all the germs.

Moreover, the nurses had the tendency to take the scrubs back home to clean them. They used to wear their scrubs on their way back from the hospital. This caused another kind of problem because they were exposing people to germs on their way back home. Also, the chemicals that they used to clean the scrubs were not strong enough to get rid of all the germs.

In order to look fashionable, some nurses wore scrubs that were different from the traditional designs. They had strings attached or they were wrapping around ones. These kinds of scrubs that are not all covered were of no use because they expose the body to different diseases through the cuts and rips. Therefore, nurses have been advised to use scrubs that are fully covered in order to protect the body as well as they look stylish. There are many brands that are making medical scrubs collection, which are fully covered and yet are stylish enough because of their prints.

Most hospitals are also making it a rule to keep the hospital scrubs within the premises and not to wear them outside while some have made it mandatory for nurses to wear their outside work clothes while going back home. This should be done in more hospitals because medical scrubs can lead to the spreading of various diseases. If you are on the management committee, you should make sure there are adequate scrubs in the hospital that nurses and doctors can use. The number should be large enough to suffice in case of emergencies. They should be available in various sizes and styles.

Best practices need to be implemented in hospitals regarding clothes and hygiene. Some hospitals have even introduced Laundromat services within the compound so that the hospital clothes can be treated better and in more hygienic ways. They use special detergents and cleaners to disinfect the clothes. This practice should be implemented in more hospitals keeping in mind the various hygiene norms.

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