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Prom Night: Setting Up The Perfect Venue

Every year summer term brings the dreaded weeks of revision and exams for students of all ages across the country. […]

Every year summer term brings the dreaded weeks of revision and exams for students of all ages across the country. From primary school through to university, the country’s youngsters are put through their paces in exam rooms, lecture theatres and converted sports halls. Fortunately, for many students the glimmer of the long summer holidays is on the horizon and the allure of weeks of play and rest are enough to keep the heads up until the final test is done and dusted.

To celebrate the end of the exams and with it the end of the school year, many of our educational establishments have adopted the American tradition of prom night, particularly for students at the end of their time at the school or university. Often with the help of the students themselves, schools and universities re-decorate their halls or hire external venues to give students the chance to dress up and celebrate together before leaving for the summer.

Now, whilst most students are knuckling down to revision someone has to organise the big night in advance. As the reader, we’ll assume that task has fallen to you. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or student read on for a helpful guide on how to set up a brilliant venue for your school or university.

Prom Night: Setting Up The Perfect Venue

The Venue

Choosing the venue is often the first decision you’ll have to make. Are you planning on hosting it onsite or will you be hiring a space at another venue?

If the answer is the latter, be prepared to ring around and visit a number of venues before you book. Not only will this ensure you get the best venue for your budget, you’ll also be able to compare similar venues and get the best possible value for money.

Things to look for when choosing the venue include:

  • Space – is the venue large enough to accommodate the planned size of your prom?
  • Location – how long will it take for guests to get to the venue?
  • Accessibility – will guests find it easy to attend? What provisions need to be made for disabled guests?
  • Management and staff – how willing and able are the staff to accommodate a party of students?

In addition, speak to each venue about the types of package they provide. Will it be catered? What tableware is provided? What is the situation with serving alcohol (provided your party is of age)? If there is anything the venue do not provide, visit for a range of catering, entertainment and furniture hire.

Music and Entertainment

Perhaps the most exciting part of organising a prom night is picking the music and entertainment. First of all, don’t get carried away! Make sure you have a well planned budget that you stick to or risk ticket prices spiraling out of control!

Most proms will have a DJ, along with other ‘ents’ or entertainment. Popular ents include dancers, magicians or caricature artists. Judge your audience and pick some you’re sure they’ll love.

Food and Drink

Often, venues will provide catering as part of the package cost. Where they do not, or where you are hosting your own prom night, consider whether hiring a catering firm to provide the food and drink is the most sensible option. Whilst it will add to the bill, you rest assured that the food will be of a certain standard without having to put in the groundwork yourself. Self-catering can work, just be sure you have the facilities to prepare, cook and present food for all your guests.


Finally, decoration is essential for setting the mood and theme of your prom. Pick a colour scheme of two or three colours and work with the venue and any other companies you’ve enlisted to help you out to ensure everything from tableware to drapes match the theme.

Decorations can be as adventurous as you like; from table confetti to ice sculptures. If possible, arrange the decorations so that guests are transported from entering the venue right through to the main room without ever leaving the party. Again, budget carefully so as not to overspend!

Follow these simple tips and you’ll set up a magnificent prom night venue and one that will live long in the memories of every student who attends.

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