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Qualities of Ex-Military Personnel that are Helpful for Civilian Jobs

There is no limit to the jobs that a military veteran can take up after serving many years for his […]

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There is no limit to the jobs that a military veteran can take up after serving many years for his country. Transition from army life to civilian life may or may not be easy for an ex-army man. Many of his qualities that he learned and developed during the army training helps him fit into different job roles. On the other hand, if the work environment is not so professional or lacks discipline, it may be difficult for the ex-military person to adopt in the new culture. Below are some qualities of ex-military candidates that make them good choices for the recruiters of civilian jobs:

In-built Strength of Character:

Military personnel are best-known for their discipline, honesty, dedication, commitment and loyalty. They have an extra-ordinary ability of getting things done in time. A military person should clearly recognise his additional qualities. Commercial employers look for certain special skills and qualities in the candidates for ex military jobs. A retired military man should know how to sell his talent and qualities to the employers. He should also know how to convince them about his ability to provide higher standards of excellence than any civilian candidate.

Leadership Quality:

An ex military person can make excellent leader for his ability to work under excessive pressure and achieve the best possible result through many hindrances. Any business can rely on his strong shoulders to put all the responsibilities of the organisation. This quality clearly distinguishes a military man from his civilian competitors and holds his head high in the crowd.

Transferable Skills:

Military persons are generally very effective decision makers, as they were trained how to make strategic planning during crisis period. They can weigh up any situation quickly and take the decision accordingly. Even if they make wrong decisions or plans, they are open to learn from their mistakes.

Team Work:

Military persons are also good at working in collaboration with other team members. They are helpful and generous to their colleagues and are first to protect them if any adversity occurs. A team can depend on the military team member without any hesitation to deploy an operation in hostile situation. They are also gifted with the quality of integrating the team members and bring discipline for better collaboration.


Physical and Mental Endurance:

Army training is good for development of better physical and mental stamina to cope up with arduous and troublesome situations. The military personnel are well-known for their solution focussed nature and are good to find a roundabout way to achieve their goal.

Securing a suitable job is the essential first step for resettlement of ex military service men into civilian life. There are many relevant ex military jobs where retired army person can thrive best. Retail, supply chain, distribution, logistics, hospitality, security service, project management, fitness industry are some of the top regime where ex-military personnel have proved their abilities. However, many of the military persons have permanent injuries, which restrict them from so-called regular jobs or white-collar jobs. They still retain their mental stamina to start a new business or own a franchise to restore their pride and self-esteem.

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