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Reasons Why Custom Greeting Cards Are Better

Sure, you could walk down to the store later on to pick up some greeting cards to send out to family members and friends. The other option, however, is to purchase custom greeting cards. Why are these the better option? Keep reading…

Sending a Special Message

Yes, many of the greeting cards out there in stores do have really nice messages written in them. However, hundreds, and probably even thousands, of other people are receiving the exact same card. When you really want to say something to the recipient, choosing a customize card is a way to use your own words and make them look pretty on a beautiful background. The recipient will really see that you care and took the effort to create such a card.

Personalized Pictures

It’s quite popular to send greeting cards with photos on them, especially during the holiday season. Many families dress up their children and/or pets, take photos of them and then make these pictures into cards. You could technically pop a photo into a store-bought greeting card, but you are just making more work for yourself. With a customized greeting card, the photo will flow seamlessly into the background, and you will have only one item to stuff into the envelope. After all, you do have quite a lot of these cards to send out!

A Wider Variety

If you go to the local store, you have to pick from what is there, or you need to go to another store to find something else. By using a customized card service, plenty of already made patterns and designs will be available on the website. You can put your own personal message or picture on them with a few clicks of the button. Furthermore, if you do not see something you like, you can contact the shop to see if the professionals there are able to craft it for you. No doubt exists that hundreds of more options exist online than are available in the stores.

Different Cards for Different People

During the holiday season, you often find yourself frantically looking for exactly 52 Christmas cards, 25 Hanukkah cards and 2 secular cards for your non-religious friends. When you are customizing a card, you could have it say whatever you want to encompass everybody. For example, “May God bless you at this time of year,” can cover all people who celebrate a religious holiday. Furthermore, you can also customize the amount of each card you are buying, so you don’t wind up with 20 extra of each due the package sizes available at the store. Yes, you initially intend to use them again next year, but that never really winds up happening.

Quite a few reasons exist as to why it is better to choose customized greeting cards over ones available in the store. Ultimately, you are able to personalize and tailor the experience to be whatever you want it to be. You can tell a person exactly what you want to say, instead of sending a message that isn’t quite right.

Jenny McDonald is a mother of 2 wonderful kids and part-time blogger. She currently contributes at Elephoto, a Canadian photo gifts company that specializes in personalized photo cards that you can design online in minutes!

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