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Rebuilt Engine Manufacturers – Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Engine rebuilders work, see and believe in solid things. They keep overhauling engines day in and day out and keep churning out cheaper engines that help people save money.

However, these folks are not alwayts virtual-savvy. They make basic calling card websites and do not pay much attention to them thereafter. So, especially for these folks, here is a checklist that will help them create very useful and friendly websites:

Website Usability Checklist
Every website page must load in quick time – in a couple of seconds. So, ensure that each webpage is anywhere between 100-150 kb in size (excluding CSS and images).

So, well, follow this checklist to create a robust rebuilt engines website that appeals to both users and search engines.

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Karl H. Clark is a blogger with a fetish for building websites and rebuilt engines for cars and trucks (don’t ask us why).

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