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Recommendations At The Grand Canyon

The best places in the Grand Canyon to go to are the North Rim, South Rim, the lodges, and the West Rim.

The North Rim
Why go to the North Rim? The North Rim has a higher altitude. It is at least 1,000 feet higher than other parts of the Grand Canyon. This area is only opened from Mid-May to Mid-October. However, this area has a large amount of precipitation.

 The South Rim
The south rim is the most popular area. The Grand Canyon Village is located in the South Rim. This area has the lodges, restaurants, stores, museums, and arts. These lodges sit on the rim of Canyon, and have spectacular views. Each lodge has its own history, as some were opened about a hundred years ago, and have had notable guests stay in their rooms. This area has spectacular views, like the Mohave Point and the 5,400-foot pyramid. It has cool rock formations and the Colorado Rapids. The Colorado Rapids is an intense rafting experience that would be a lot of fun for the family.

The Lodges
A popular lodge is Cape Royal. There are 1-mile trials around it. You can see amazing sunsets. It is easier to “step outside” and already be in the National Park. In the morning, you can walk to the rim of the Canyon, and go back and have breakfast. However, if you were staying outside of the National Park, you would have to drive, and it takes so much more time.

The West Rim
The west Rim is an interesting part, along with the Havasu Canyon. Indians still live in the area. It is interesting.

The busiest times of the year are summer and spring break, when people are out of work and children are off from school. This is because it is almost impossible to get enough of the Grand Canyon in a single day on the weekend. You would need a longer period of time to see a lot.

Family Activities
There is something for everyone. They have activities and programs for the kids. There is rafting trips for those who wish to feel a sense of intensity. You can take a cycling trip along the rim of the canyon for some spectacular panoramic shots. You can ride mules to the bottom of the canyon, and see the whole canyon and wildlife.

The tour guides will talk to you about everything you need to know about the Grand Canyon, with visual assistance from the Canyon itself.

You should definitely try out these fantastic areas.

William Doyle wrote this article about what to do at the Grand Canyon as an expert of Grand Canyon Tours.

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