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Red Light Traffic Tickets and Vacations: What You Should Know

Tourists are well-known for getting confused about local driving laws. This can help a major city such as Orlando generate […]

Tourists are well-known for getting confused about local driving laws. This can help a major city such as Orlando generate a lot of revenue. After all, the ticket for not stopping at a red light can range from $50 to $500 depending on the area, and turning right on a red light illegally is one of the most common tourist mistakes.

generalIt is also important to keep in mind that several areas are now using red light traffic cameras to catch people breaking the law even when police officers are not present.

How can I Avoid a Red Light Ticket?

The best way to avoid dealing with any traffic citations while you are on vacation is to educate yourself about the local laws that will impact your trip. For example, if you are going to New York City, you need to be aware that you cannot turn right on a red light unless there is a sign present that gives you permission.

Because this is the opposite rule from many other areas, it is common for tourists to get busted for this red light violation.

High tourist areas such as Orlando also place an emphasis on stopping people who violate traffic laws. After all, the police know that people who are from out-of-state are not likely to show up in court in order to contest their ticket, and this makes tourists an easier mark.

In fact, some visitors to Orlando will be home and reintegrated into their normal daily routine long before they get a red light ticket in the mail due to a traffic camera. In this case, a Florida speeding ticket lawyer may be the best options for tourists.

How can I Fight a Traffic Citation?

You are most likely going to be required to appear in a local court in order to fight the ticket. Therefore, you will need to pay for your travel arrangements, and it will also be imperative to hire a local criminal defense attorney to defend you if the charges against you are serious enough.

Even if you are fighting a simple ticket, it is still a good idea to retain legal representation because it will greatly improve your chances of winning.

Should I Fight the Ticket?

Some people believe that the legal system is skewed against tourists in all traffic violation cases, and there is probably some truth to this. After all, it seems to be more common for people with out-of-state plates to get pulled over for minor violations.

The decision about whether or not to fight a traffic citation should be made based on several different variables. After all, if the ticket is nominal and it will not impact your driver’s license, it almost always makes the most sense to simply pay for the ticket.

However, if you have received a large fine or your traffic violation has put your legal right to drive at risk, you should take the time to contest the ticket, especially if you do not feel like you were in the wrong.

This is easy to understand when you realize that the money from each ticket helps keep the state operational. However, this does not mean that you should simply pay an exorbitant fine. Instead, you should consider working with an attorney to increase your odds of getting the ticket overturned.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and avid traveler. She contributes this article as a way to alert travelers to take precautions as they vacation or visit new cities. Whether motorists are traveling through the Sunshine State or are residents, Florida speeding ticket lawyer group, Katz & Phillips, P.A. is dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of people charged with driving over the speed limit or running red lights.

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