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Reducing Your Medical Insurance Costs

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their insurance costs. It’s very important for anyone who has health insurance to […]

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their insurance costs. It’s very important for anyone who has health insurance to keep costs as low as possible.

Medical Insurance Costs

Fortunately, there are some things most people can do to reduce their medical insurance costs.

Some things are common sense, and involve healthy lifestyle changes that should be implemented by everyone:

  • Quit smoking
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Avoid dangerous hobbies
  • Choose a doctor that’s in-network
  • Stay active

By doing all these things, this will lead to lower costs and a healthier lifestyle.

To begin with, by quitting smoking when renewing insurance plans the savings will be substantial.

Particularly after a year, the savings will continue to grow, so it’s a worthwhile long-term investment that will save money.

And not only will you save on insurance, you will save on the mounting costs of buying cigarettes. Save your life and save money at the same time.

Who couldn’t use more cash and a better overall health.

Eating Healthy

In addition to smoking, eating a healthy diet is crucial to keeping medical insurance costs low.

While this sounds like simple and common sense advice to follow, the implementation involves planning and commitment.

Documentation of how deadly processed foods and sugars are for the human body have received a lot of national attention.

That has lead to people eating more raw foods, eating vegan and generally being more aware of your caloric intake and eating decisions you’re making on a daily bassis.

Lifestyle Choices

On the other hand, natural foods like fruit and vegetables can reduce disease and sickness when eaten on a regular basis.

Insurance companies will evaluate the risk-level for an individual, so having a healthy diet is essential to keeping the costs low.

Dangerous Hobbies

If you engage in any dangerous hobbies, like skydiving, NASCAR, or mountain climbing, this can increase insurance costs.

Insurance companies consider people who engage in those activities more high-risk so its best to decide if it’s still worth engaging in those activities versus higher insurance bills.

A Doctor In-Network

Additionally, choosing a doctor in-network can also be of benefit.

By choosing a doctor that’s part of a network up to fifty percent can be saved on medical costs, even before the deductible has been met.

So if a doctor that you like can be found within the network, he/she should definitely be used to keep costs down.

Stay Active

Lastly, stay active! The benefits will reach way beyond keeping insurance costs low. Physical activity increases an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

But it also helps keep people at healthy weights, and wards off disease and sickness. This will also keep your cholesterol and blood pressure lower.

Studies have shown that obesity costs more than smoking, aging or drinking.

Follow These Tips

If you follow all these tips, then the odds are you will keep your medical insurance costs lower than if you didn’t follow them.

Remember: try to take control of your health, thereby reducing your overall medical costs.

Kenneth Gray is the founder of A-fordable Billing Solution, a medical billing company designed to help individuals and health care providers with their medical billing issues.

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