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Samsung Galaxy Alpha – A Better Android Smartphone

If you are searching for the alternative for the iOS device iPhone 5S as you can’t go the high priced […]

If you are searching for the alternative for the iOS device iPhone 5S as you can’t go the high priced iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus then a good metal designed Samsung Galaxy Alpha could be your solution but it comes with Android as OS. And yes it is an option to consider.

The performance of the Galaxy Alpha phone is pretty good as it comes with faster processor, 2GB RAM and flawless Android OS. And the battery of the device helps it to stand 1 day and developers do not forget two preset mode to save battery power. The first involves limiting CPU performance, disable background data transfer and if necessary the screen in shades of gray tones. In this mode the display consumes much less energy.

The second mode involves the transformation of the smartphone in the usual black and white dialer with access to a predetermined range of applications. Count on the fact that it will be possible to choose something “heavier” recorder or internet browser is not necessary. There would be available only basic tools. With the help of these tools you can actually stay in touch even a very long time. In test case, 66% battery charge when the system is capable of extreme ECONOMY smartphone lives another 5-6 days.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – A Better Android Smartphone

It is not surprising that Samsung fills their smartphones with different special apps. Alpha is no exception to this rule. There are almost all the same features that are present in the Galaxy S5. Pen input and support S Pen device is not received, since it is a privilege exclusively series Note. And you would see the next S Pen device to be Galaxy Note 5 in the main series. Moreover, let’s back to the Galaxy Alpha, hold down the key back side activates a menu from which you can drag the application to work in the mode of the two windows. Yes, the screen diagonal of 4.7 is very strange functional, nevertheless, it is. Almost any image from the Gallery or copied earlier text can extract from the clipboard. No matter what the morning after copied the phone number you managed to make many more copies and inserts. Search text will not be forgotten by the system. Personally, we look forward to the arrival of these functions on the desktop at the system level. But in smartphones such functions are already present.

As with the older brother, there is support in the Alpha the Health Center – Health S., record workouts and sleep phases through additional accessories – it’s all clear. But the fact that there is a built in heart rate sensor – it’s great. Koreans have not stinted on it, despite the fact that the price of the device is much lower value of the current flagship. The sensor works well and is easy to read even in the pulse of continuous walking that is completely freeze and is not necessary.

For quick access to five different utilities, developers have come up with to use a small virtual button. It can be placed anywhere on the screen and advance to set up a drop-down list of applications. This can be a calculator, S Planner (calendar), maps and more. Easy setup, to which should look.

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