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Sun, Sea, Sand And Safety

The beach is the perfect place to spend the summer months and that is why every year millions of tourists […]

The beach is the perfect place to spend the summer months and that is why every year millions of tourists and locals alike make the trip down to their nearest patch of sand and spend some time by the ocean waves. However, the beach isn’t all fun and games and it can be a dangerous place at times; especially if you have little ones in tow.

So although it’s a great place to take the children during the summer holidays it’s so important to take the necessary precautions to ensure the day doesn’t end in tears for reasons other than the fact that your child’s ice cream fell on the floor.

So before you head off for a day at the beach think about these safety points and everything should go swimmingly.

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Flags –

You should ideally be thinking about flags even before you decide which beach to go to. This year blue flags have been given to 55 beaches in the UK meaning that wherever you are in the country you should be able to find one near you that has been given this prestigious award for safety and cleanliness.

Flags should also be at the forefront of your mind once you arrive on the sand. Make sure you are aware of what the different flags mean and that you only let your child swim between the flags that designate the area that is patrolled by a life guard.

Positioning –

Normally you would consider things like how much sun you will get or where the most space is when deciding where to position yourself on the beach, but in the importance of safety it is wise to think about a few more things too. Make sure you know where the lifeguard hut is and sit somewhere which gives you easy access to it. Also, it might not be wise to set up camp too close to the sea in case the tide changes and starts creeping up on you.

Protection –

Protection from the sun is important for anyone so you need to make sure you and your children have sufficient sun cream on. Remember that the number on the bottle is just a guide line and the minute you put the cream on your skin it will not be as concentrated as the bottle suggests. Keep topping it up and be sure to let it dry before going in the water.

There is also the need to protect your children whilst they play in the sand. You may think that these tiny grains make the perfect kind of safety surfacing but there may be dangerous things lurking beneath the surface. Bring a rubber play matt for your child to sit on so that they are protected from any sharp objects that may have been buried out of sight.

Supervision –

Whilst you may be comfortable to let your child play freely on dry land this is often a different story in the sea. Be sure to supervise them at all times whilst they are in the water and if they decide to do more than just paddling then you should really get in there with them. There is no telling how strong the undercurrent is so it’s important to be able to reach them if they get into any trouble out a sea.

Overall the beach provides the perfect location for a fun filled day out for the whole family and a day during which your child can be as active as possible. Just be sure to have safety at the forefront of your mind and you and your children will be enjoying many a great day down the beach this summer.

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Chris Mayhew loves to spend his summer down the beach but knows how dangerous it can be from his childhood. He would recommend Smith Brothers to anyone looking for a quality safety surfacing solution in a variety of different situations.

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