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Tata Aria Pure 4×2 – A Reimagined Script

Tata has been making vehicles for a long time. And since the very beginning, they actually were able to grab […]

Tata has been making vehicles for a long time. And since the very beginning, they actually were able to grab the attention of the market crowd. The Tata Aria has been the most important car from Tata since the release of Indica. This was supposed to be a mature and contemporary face of Tata and they expected this car to bring them international recognition. But however, the script didn’t turn out to be whatever it was supposed to be. Because of the poor sales rate in the international market and comparatively low recognition, they released a less priced 4×2 variant of Tata Aria. This less priced variant was sold only 30 units a month, and again, a fail. So Tata has then decided to release another version, the cheapest one. And then, came the cheapest version of this car.



To maintain the low price, Tata Aria doesn’t come with aristocratic exteriors with chrome door handles, body colored rubbers etc. But however, it does come with body color bumpers and HID projection head lights. The rest parts retain the same and the truth is – Aria is the smartest looking MPV in this price. The MPV looks mature, there are double barrel headlamps in the front, and the wraparound bumper comes with huge air inlet. The wheel arches are perfectly round and fits the best, and this finishing is by far best from the manufacturer Tata.

The interior might seem like a disappointment though. To keep the price low, Tata got rid off the ABS, EDS, leather seats etc. And also – no follow me home headlamps, there’s no chrome in the lower bumper in front, and any rear wiper and defogger. However, you still get the AC vents, remote keyless entry, glove box chiller, electric side mirrors, and a dual AC. The silver center control and the dash still looks impressive and that’s pretty good. You get an LCD screen inside and there’s enough space for passenger inside the vehicle.

Engine and Performance

The engine is a 2.2 liter DICOR common rail engine. It has double overhead camshaft and uses direct fuel injection. There’s an turbocharger with intercooler, produces 140PS at 4000 rpm. The maximum torque is 320 NM between 1700-3200 rpm. Acceleration to 100kmh is below 16 seconds, which makes the car little slower than the Skoda. The gearbox is a 5 speed and the car runs 14 kilometers per liter of fuel.

It has not 4WD. The independent MacPherson suspension at the front makes it better than the Toyota Innova. With all these features equipped, Tata delivers a car which is very easy to control.

Wrap Up

You don’t want to judge a car by its monthly sales right? The car is priced below 10 lac rupees, in performs very well in the streets and this utility vehicle is affordable. Apart from the luxurious features, it has pretty much everything. And so, this might be your perfect pick if you are looking for a MPV of this kind within a tight budget.

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