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The Advantage and Disadvantage Of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is also commonly recognized as an e-cigarette or an e-cig or an ego cigarette. It is simply a battery operated device that was created to mimic regular cigarettes. Naturally, there are a lot of benefits and drawbacks to smoking electronic cigarettes.

Healthier Alternative

Obviously, one of the biggest reasons why individuals decide to give e-cigarettes a try is the fact that they are a great deal healthier than conventional cigarettes. This is because the only harmful substance that they contain is nicotine. There is not any tobacco, tartar, or other harmful chemicals that are packed into conventional cigarettes.

No Passive Smoking

You can smoke without having to worry about what the secondhand smoke is doing to the individuals around you. This is because only the individual who is smoking the electronic cigarette is going to be affected by it. Electronic cigarettes do not emit any smoke. Instead, they are odorless and emit a water mist instead.


Smoking electronic cigarettes do not require the use of a lighter or matches. This is because they do not use any form of flame at all. This means there is no risk of accidentally starting a fire or burning someone. There is also no need for an ash tray. This a very positive benefit for individuals who have children and do not want lighters or matches in the house.

Difficult to Inhale

One of the most common complaints about electronic cigarettes is that they are not very easy to inhale. This is because research shows that the density of the chamber drops after a few puffs. This means that the more you use the device, the harder it becomes inhale. Unfortunately, this means that smokers end up having to spend a lot of extra money on additional cartridges in order to get the desired about of nicotine that they are after.

Questionable Ingredients

There are certain brands of electronic cigarettes that do contain some questionable ingredients such as diethylene glycol which is a chemical that is found in anti-freeze. This is a chemical that has been commonly connected to respiratory problems. Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes are advertised as a healthy alternative to convention cigarettes there are several brands that contain a compound that is called nitrosamines. This is a compound that has been linked to causing cancer. In the event the electronic cigarette should accidentally break, the individual smoking it would become exposed to the harmful compound.

Taking all of these benefits and drawbacks into consideration it is important to do a little research before you immediately decide to switch to smoking electronic cigarettes. There are many brands of e-cigs that are a healthier and better alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. However, there are just as many brands that really are not a better or healthier choice. This is why it is important to do research and figure out exactly why it is that you are switching to electronic cigarettes. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, you just need to make sure you are actually selecting a healthier alternative.

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