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The Best Apps For Your Dropbox

What is dropbox?  Dropbox is any type of file management system that can be viewed from any computer by any person whom you want to share your files with. If you ever add any file to your dropbox, it will always be available for you by various methods. Sharing is also very easy in dropbox. You can easily share any of your files with anyone without any type of hesitation. The file will be automatically added to his/her computer whom you want to share your files with. It’s a very useful programme.List Of Top Apps For Dropbox.

Dropbox has become very much popular all among the world because of its sharing power and capabilities. We can store any of our file or database simply online without any effort. Dropbox has lots and lots of people using dropbox in their daily life to store all their files online. Although, there are lots of apps which you can use with dropbox, I am reviewing some of the useful points to remember and what you can do with dropbox

1. Blog Or Website Hosting

Like wordpress FTP dashboard, dropbox can also add various type of files and data inside its public folder. You can simply link to your files by various methods and everyone all across the web has the capability to see that file and manage it simply. Similarly, you can also put all your files and notes inside one public folder and that’s done. The files are stored in your online dropbox account and you can use them anywhere you want. If you want to share them you can also do it simply without any effort.

If you don’t want to use dropbox, you can use various alternatives of dropbox. These alternatives can do the same work for you despite of the fact that they enable you to publish you simple websites very easily.

Some of the various alternatives of Dropbox are




2. You can also save your emails along with attachments

Using dropbox, you can simply save your every email along with its attachments simply in your online storage folder. It can simply be done with web application website which allows you to save your files quickly in your dropbox very easily. is also available as an extension for Google Chrome browser which simply allows to move any email you recieve in your email account either with an attachment or not to your dropbox online storage.

3.Simply Synchronise Your  Google Docs With Dropbox

If you are a user of google docs and love to write various documents and saving it to google docs, its perfect. But, isn’t it nice, if the same file or doc can be accessed offline via dropbox online storage. Yes, its simply possible. Dropbox allows you to save all your google docs into public folder and you can access it everywhere you want.

Insync allows you to Synchronise all your google docs with your dropbox online storage account. Its available for both Windows and Mac. So you can use it on either operating system. As everything has one or more alternatives to it, similarly Insync has also an alternative to it. But their free plans has many limitations.

The Name of alternative of Insync is cloudHQ.

You Can Save Your Images or Videos

Where dropbox allows you to save all your files and data in an online storage account, you can also save anything related to videos, images and much more.  You can save any type of file, either its any video or any image, you can simply store it in your online storage account. There is a type of service called as Gimme Bar which allows you to do this online storage task simply. Screenshots can also be stored in your dropbox account so that you won’t have to open it every time you want to access your files.

Download Online Files to your Dropbox

If you are using any type of remote computer or you are not using your own computer and using any other pc as well, its very simple to download files to your dropbox account. This work can be done with the help of a simple application called URL Droplet which enables you to download any file to your dropbox folder very easily without any effort. What you have to do is to select the URL and move it to URL droplet and you are done. So, if you want to download any file from internet cafe to your own computer, its very much simple to do it.

In this type you can easily use access any file from your dropbox account if you haven’t downloaded it from your own computer.

Request Files in your Dropbox Folder

If you want to receive any file directly to your dropbox, by any of your friend or relative its also possible with dropbox online storage. Dropbox also comes with lots of features in which you can recieve any type of file from any of your friend or relative simply to your dropbox account.

If you want to receive any type of file directly to your dropbox, it can easily be done with the help of various services like DropItToMe. This is an awesome service which allows you to receive any type of files directly to your dropbox account.

Cloud Service Also Available

In dropbox, we can store any type of files very easily, either its any document or any video. Similarly in Google docs, we can save all our documents and view them later. The same process can be repeated in Picasa as it allows us to save many type of images simply in our online google account.

Another application which helps you to synchronise all of these accounts is called Otixo. With Otixo, you can manage and access all your files into one place and merge them or move them from one cloud service to another.

Email Uploading Also Available

If you want to upload files to your online storage, you can’t do it with dropbox.  Its one of the biggest disadvantage of dropbox. But, if you want to upload the file via email, you can do it with a simple to use application called “Send To Dropbox”. Now, it’s very easy to upload your files via email. You will get a different email address which you can use for uploading your files via email directly to your dropbox online storage account. In this case also there’s a alternative , so you can use DIY Alternative in this case if you are not satisfied by above mentioned application.

Use Dropbox for Undisturbed Writing

Undisturbed writing help us gain more ideas to improve our article and its optimization. Similarly in dropbox we can also auto save every article we write directly to our dropbox online storage. The application named Write Box helps us to perform this task that can auto save our every article in text format directly in or dropbox account. Once the text file is saved, you can even edit it and save further.

Add More Power to your Dropbox Account

If you a lover of social networking, dropbox can also help you in that case. You can use various applications like IFTTT and Dropbox automator which you can use with your social networking accounts. So, you can now upload any image to facebook and the same image will be uploaded to your dropbox account. Social networking is very easily interacted with our dropbox account. We can easily save everything related to our account directly in our dropbox folder.

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