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The Difference between VPS and Shared Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is considered as superior compared to shared hosting. It was known that VPS hosting was created in order to bridge the limitations of a shared hosting as well as the limitations of dedicated server hosting. A VPS hosting is designed with virtualization software and a physical server that was divided to form multiple servers within it. Now, VPS hosting is mostly preferred by small and medium scale businesses.

VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

One of the obvious differences between VPS hosting and shared hosting is the security feature. A VPS hosting account is more secure compared to the shared hosting due to the fact that VPS can keep information much more private than shared hosting. This is possible by storing the information in different compartments. Also, website owners can have their own private emails using VPS hosting, allowing you to protect yourself from spammers.

Hosting resources are among the things website owners consider in choosing between shared or VPS hosting. With shared hosting, the accounts are on the same hardware resources which may result in a server slowdown. With VPS hosting, each account resides on a separate and individual portion within the server. These partitions of the server function independently and the activities of the other user don’t have any impact on others.

As far as flexibility is concerned, VPS hosting is more flexible compared to shared hosting. In shared hosting, installing applications or software is not quick and easy because there are some applications that may require specific port or protocols. Custom configuration is not possible because the firewall of the shared hosting is configured in such a way that it can give protection to the majority. On the other hand, VPS hosting allows custom firewall configuration and thus, applications do not require specific protocols. This is possible because of the portioning in the physical server.

Lastly, when it comes to cost, the shared hosting is much cheaper compared to VPS because of the additional and improved features of VPS. Thus, you have the option of which type of hosting to use to efficiently achieve your business goals.


The benefits of using VPS hosting are obvious. However, shared hosting is still used today despite the latest improvements and developments in technology. Shared hosting still works well and is the most cost-effective option for small websites which are not catering to high traffic and for those website owners who have limited financial resources.

On the other hand, VPS hosting is ideal for those owners who want to have full control over the service and who want to use other applications and software. With VPS hosting, the owner has the option to decide how and what server to run. For websites that cater to high volumes of traffic daily, VPS hosting is the most efficient and cost-effective option.

In order to know what type of web hosting to use for your website, it is advisable to contact some web hosting service providers to gain the necessary information. This will help you decide what to use. Most of the hosting service providers offer free consultation and you can take advantage of them. Once you’ve made your choice, you can also contact them for the service.

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