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The Five Year Itch

Doom and Gloom It makes for depressing reading. Five years on from the Credit Crunch, the world economy is still […]

Doom and Gloom

It makes for depressing reading. Five years on from the Credit Crunch, the world economy is still yet to make a definitive recovery. The banking crisis is only just coming to an end; manufacturing is still down in the developed world, countries that rely on tourism are suffering as a result of a loss of income from the richer countries.

Youth unemployment is a major issue not just in second and third world countries, but in the developed world too. It is a particularly tough time for graduates and executives who are finding a distinct lack of senior management roles for them to slot into. It seems that there are too many people chasing far too few jobs with no sign of that improving any time soon.

Start-ups are struggling to get loans from banks; even big businesses are keeping an ever watchful eye on their finances in case things start to turn a little sour within their industry.

Five Year Itch

Staff report low morale, a loss of job satisfaction as more work is being piled onto fewer staff for pay rises below the rate of inflation. The International Labour Organisation reported in January 2013 of the majority of 2012’s increase in unemployment as being in the advanced economies.

It is no great surprise that the economic outlook shows no sign of significant improvement anytime soon.

A Truly Free Trade Issue

The concept of globalisation and free trade means that most national economies are now dependent on each other. So in a domino effect, if one goes wrong it inevitably will bring several more down with it.

This is precisely what happened in 2008 when several global investment banks collapsed, national economies suffered and thousands of professionals suddenly found themselves without work. Over the following few years, recoveries started and then stopped, some areas never even began to show growth and the jobs market is in as bad a state as it ever was.

Youth and graduate unemployment is a major issue because they are the workforce of the future.

With few job openings, few training opportunities and the younger generation giving serious consideration to not going to university due to the expense and lack of job openings, there is another ticking time bomb that the global economy and national governments must address sooner rather than later.

In amongst all of this, those who have already reached the top levels of business are struggling to find the work they are qualified and experienced enough to do. Conventional job search methods are not working so increasingly, they have a need to turn to agencies that deal specifically with executive level roles.

I’m a Free Agent!

Because reliable contacts are no longer as reliable as they once were and a high level of education is no longer a guarantee of any employment, let alone executive jobs, we all need a helping hand to get where we want to be.

No longer the exclusive preserve of temporary employment or those who are a jack of all trades and simply want a job, there are now recruitment agencies dedicated purely to executive and graduate level roles. Known informally as “Head Hunters”, they provide a service of matching clients with relevant roles in the industries that they want to work in.

From a business point of view, it can be costly to cast a net far and wide to find the right candidate. Do you advertise on the web? Which ones? Trade magazines? The local job centre?  Some of these might be the wrong outlet for you to advertise or others might so do you simply pay somebody else to do it for you? This is where an Executive Recruitment Agency comes in.

They will do the hard work to find the relevant person for your business and industry.

Employment is now a dog-eat-dog world and competition is fiercer due to the lack of jobs. An executive agency might be the best place for you to find work or to find the right staff for you.

Bill Jobs is a graduate who struggled to find work before deciding to become self-employed. If you are looking to move industries, a Headhunting Agency is an alternative to conventional job searches you might consider

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