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The Pro’s And Con’s Of Hiring A Nanny

A nanny is a wonderful thing, especially if you’re a busy professional, running your own business, a single-parent, or you’re […]

A nanny is a wonderful thing, especially if you’re a busy professional, running your own business, a single-parent, or you’re just looking for an extra pair of hands to ensure your children get all the attention they need. Nanny’s are responsible for looking after your child either when you are not at home, or when you are at home but cannot care for the children at that time. They may also take the child to appointments, pick them up from school or drop them off, feed the children, entertain the children, bathe the children and do some household chores. Every nannies job role is slightly different, but you can discuss your individual needs directly with interviewees, or with  your babysitting agency London who will be able to source suitable candidates for you.

When you are considering getting a nanny, it is important to do your research and think about the pro’s and con’s. This person will be having one to one interaction with your child and will be caring for your child, so this is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make.

The Pro's And Con's Of Hiring A Nanny

Here are some of the key pro’s and con’s of having a nanny to help you get started:


One To One Care

The child will get care similar to the kind she would get from her parents, which means she will get lots of entertainment, engaging activities and be able to have a personal bond with her caregiver, something she wouldn’t necessarily get with a childminder.

At Home Comfort

Having the childcare take place in your home is really useful as the child is in their own comfortable environment so their routine doesn’t need to be disturbed. Your child can feel secure, play with her own toys and get used to you not being around in a much more comfortable environment.

A Close Bond

More often than not, families bond with the nanny to such an extent you stay in touch long after the nanny has left the position.


A live-in nanny is extremely flexible and can work around a quick change in your hours really easily. Even if the nanny isn’t live in, you can discuss the need for flexibility before you employ them so both parties know where they stand when it comes to you returning late home from work or having to set off to work early.

Cost Effective

Employing a nanny is obviously more expensive than a childminder or not having child care at all, but it is cost effective because it enables you to progress with your career which enables you to make more money. You also cannot put a price on your child’s needs being met in such an efficient and personal way.



You are going to have to pay more than you would if you didn’t have a nanny, so it is important to assess whether or not your budget can allow for this extra expense.

You Become An Employer

There are lots of rules and regulations relating to being an employer, so you will need to do your research. There are legal and financial responsibilities you have to meet.

Alternative Child Care

If your nanny is away or ill, you will need to arrange alternative childcare. However, this is much easier with a nanny who will give you lots of notice for her holidays. Your nanny agency will also likely have provisions for if this happens.

Lack Of Qualifications

There is no need for any set qualifications to be a nanny which can be a downside if you’re looking for someone with the relevant skills. The best way to approach this is to use a nanny agency who can do the vetting for you. You should also check references, do as many interviews as you deem necessary and go with your gut.

Your Child, Your Choice

The care your child receives is your choice and completely within your control, which is why it’s so important to do your research so you know your child is getting exactly what they need. Many families have amazing experiences with nanny’s, forming close bonds, gaining a new friend, not just a nanny. Consider the pro’s and con’s carefully to decide if this is something you think your family could benefit from.

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