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The Reasons To Use Detox Foot Patches To Detox The Body

Toxicity is very high in the world today, there are many ways to absorb toxins into the body, but there are not many ways to get the toxins out. The detox foot patches created by Dr Vinograd are a great, fuss free way of eliminating toxins from the body. There are so many toxins being absorbed into the human body so the detoxification process is a vital part of peoples’ lives.

The toxins that are absorbed into the human body may eventually lead to disease or illness. People wash to help remove the pollutants, but these pollutants also get inside the body, to the vital organs and systems. The body accumulates unwanted matter every day in the bones, tissues, muscles, fats and organs. Physicians know that health issues are a result of foreign substances accumulating in the body.

The exposure of toxins to the human body has reached alarming levels. The many chemicals that are now being used in everyday commercial use have increased dramatically. Many chemicals are being introduced to the body through water, air, food and cosmetics. Many pharmaceutical drugs, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can contaminate the body.

One of the biggest issues is the use of heavy metals in the current environment such as mercury in fish. These heavy metals are hard for the body to get rid of; they stubbornly attach themselves to tissues. In past times, to get rid of these heavy metals you had to undergo a process called chelation. Which is when at a large cost intravenous agents were introduced to decrease the levels of these toxins.

A simpler method is now available through the use of detox foot patches. These patches use natural herbs and minerals to detoxify the system of unwanted toxins. The patches are worn on the soles of the feet during the nighttime sleep period and work with the reflexology of the foot. The placement of the patch is in the area in reflexology called the kidney 1 meridian which is where the spleen, kidney and liver correspond to. This is a cluster of trigger points that correspond to the bodies’ filtering organs. The patches herbs react to create a far infrared energy which increases the rate at which the toxins are excreted from the body.

There has been scientific tests carried out that shows the presence of heavy metals in the patch after it has been worn. The patch is made up of all natural herbs and minerals and does not contain any heavy metals, so the presence of these metals can only be from being removed by the patches from the body. There have also been tests that show many other substances that can be harmful to the body present in the patches after being worn.

The foot detox patch is a simple, low cost way of getting rid of harmful toxins that accumulate in the human body. The herbs have been used by the Japanese for hundreds of years with good results, and scientific tests have shown the effectiveness of detox foot patches. In the chemical world of today, the patches are a good way to help fight the body of possible disease or illness.

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