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The Reel and Real World Of Movies!

Movies have always been a part and parcel of entertainment for everyone. This is the reason why people after a […]

Movies have always been a part and parcel of entertainment for everyone. This is the reason why people after a hard day’s work often like to hang out at the movies and soak into the world of make believe. From the moment people watch movies, their minds are transformed into a make believe world. This means your mind is out at ease and you receive the relaxation you deserve without issues at all!

The Reel and Real World Of Movies!

Movies as Social Activator

JD Dukes is a movie expert and he says that movies are social activators. Like for example, if you take the popular television character Boss Hoggs in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzards. He plays the role of a glutton villain and has a great sway over people who watch the TV series on a regular basis. This character is bad however when he is on the verge of death, he changes his perspective towards life to become a kind and compassionate person. However, when he discovers he is not about to die so easily, he changes back to his old ways!

How Characters in Movies and TV Influence People

Mr. Dukes says that the above is a social activator and often influences people who watch the series on a regular basis. The conversation and dialogue is often imbibed by people. This influences social interaction and creates either a positive or a negative impact on social masses. However, he also states that when you are watching TV or in that matter any movie, it is important for you to ensure that you do not model the character and apply it in real life. You are unique as a person and copying any fictitious character will only trigger off a personality trait that you cannot call your own. He says enjoy the character on screen but do not copy the character and make it the goal of your life!

Acting Requires Teamwork

If you look at the above example of the popular TV series of Boss Hogg, the character would not have been successful if the rest of the co-actors did not support the main character. This means it is important for the whole team to bring out the best of each other when they are acting in a movie or a TV series. The whole show is applauded with the combined efforts of the technicians and other professionals in the unit.

JD Dukes rightly says that entertainment and movies stir the imagination and this is the reason why they are essential for our well-being. At the same time, they are an informative and educative medium where you get to learn the essence of life happening around you. Some of the characters even look like they just stay next door. The character of Boss Hoggs is one such example of a character who is well loved and respected by everyone though he is the bad guy with his signature cow boy hats and cigars. He is the central attraction of the show and this is why he is widely watched for his mix of good and bad at times!

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