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The Secret To A Cosier Home This Winter

Now that the weather has chilled down, how comfortable is the temperature in your home? If you find yourself wearing layer upon layer of clothing because you can’t keep the place warm enough, it is time to troubleshoot and resolve problem areas around your property.

Cutting draughts
Sending shivers racing down your spine like rainwater down your collar, irritating, persistent draughts can really make winter a miserable time of the year.  Instead of ‘making-do’ with this annoying problem, it is time to take action!

1. Diagnose the draught-zones
For this step, you’ll need an incense stick, a lighter or some matches, a ruler or measuring tape, a pen and some paper:

2. Stop the draughts coming in
This is easier said than done, if you go down the route of patching up draught zones:

3. A more permanent solution
Whilst cutting draughts is one thing, if your windows and doors are not inherently energy-efficient, you could end up losing much of your heat through poorly-insulated, inefficient units.

Modern double-glazed windows and robust UPVC doors can really help to stop heat escaping and make your home a more comfortable place over the winter.

The author of this article specialises in home improvements, such as UPVC Windows and conservatories.

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