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Things You Need To Know About Panic Attack Or Panic Disorder!

Have you observed or seen someone go through some sort of extreme fear which is hard to explain? The condition […]

Have you observed or seen someone go through some sort of extreme fear which is hard to explain? The condition is often described as panic attack. It is often described as extreme fear of something or someone that is not really an immediate threat. Now you might be wondering if it is normal?

According to medical experts, the condition is called panic disorder. It is different from the normal fear and anxiety reactions to stressful events in our lives. Unlike ordinary fear, panic disorder is a severe condition that comes about without reason or warning. It simply happens and it can not be explained why.
When Can You Say It’s Panic Disorder?
The answer is simple: it happens when it is least expected, much like in a situation when there is really no reason for the person to be afraid. Common symptoms of panic disorder may include any of the following: sudden attacks of fear, unexplainable nervousness, extreme sweating, and heart palpitation or some people describe it as “a racing heart”.

You will know it is a panic attack because the fear is just too much, way beyond what can be expected under the circumstances or the prevailing condition.

Effects of Panic Disorder
When left untreated, people suffering from the condition is expected to develop a fear of going through the same experience. This fear for another panic attack will worsen over time and will eventually have a negative effect on their quality of life. They will live with constant fear and they will cease to function normally, affecting them and the people around them.

Causes of Panic Disorder
Health experts have said that the precise cause of panic disorder is not yet fully understood. However, several studies conducted over time indicate that there are factors which are believed to be contributing to the condition or disorder which include biological and environmental. These biological and environmental factors include family history or genes. Research results point out that panic disorder run in families. Another factor is abnormalities in the brain. Stress is also considered a very big factor. Major stresses in life such as death of someone in the family, loss of employment, disability, infidelity of a spouse which led to divorce, these and more can take a toll in someone which can lead to physical, emotional, and mental instability. Another factor said to be very influential and contributory is substance abuse which includes drug and alcohol.

How Is Panic Disorder Treated?
Panic disorder is normally treated using a combination of the following: Psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, and relaxation techniques.

In psychotherapy which is a type of counseling, a certified mental health professional helps the patient understand and deal with their disorder.

In cognitive behavioral therapy, the patient is taught to recognize and change thought patterns and behaviors. These behaviors and thought patterns actually leads to troublesome feelings and the patients are made to understand this. This kind of therapy also helps the patient identify what triggers their panic attacks and also teaches them to avoid the said triggers as much as they can.

Doctors prescribe medications to manage panic disorder. The medications are called anti-depressant drugs and anti-anxiety medications.

The fourth and last is called relaxation techniques. The patient is taught how to relax during stressful situations so as to avoid panic attacks.

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