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Tips For Remaining Clean and Sober

Struggling through addiction can be difficult enough but remaining clean and sober while surrounded by temptation can be the ultimate […]

Struggling through addiction can be difficult enough but remaining clean and sober while surrounded by temptation can be the ultimate challenge. Negative influences, trying circumstances and that unending urge to use push many users back into their addiction habit. Make a blanket decision to cure yourself from the inside out. If you help yourself by seeking out the advice of professionals and if you work on your inner world you’ll heal yourself permanently.

The challenge lies in having a mechanism in place when things go south. You will be compelled to use if an emotional trigger points you in that direction. Whether you’re dealing with loss or just want to get that sweet high again you can’t give in at these vulnerable moments. Build a positive support system around you. Tap into the power of community to stay clean. Work with a professional and fine tune your mindset to address the wicked cravings you are likely to suffer through.


Use these tips to remain clean and sober when you feel like using again.

Work on Your Mindset

Spend 30 to 60 minutes daily working on your mindset to accelerate your healing. Clear the inner world by doing your mental homework persistently. Addressing your cravings by working on your mindset is the quickest, easiest and at times, the most uncomfortable way to clear your mind of your mental demons. Meditate, visualize and affirm your way to happiness. Spend a chunk of each day away from everybody. Find a quiet room. Work on your mental tools. When the next urge to use arises you will be able to face, embrace and release these emotions instead of caving in.

Surround Yourself Only with Positive People

Only surround yourself with the most positive people to kick any habit to use again. Patiently observe your friend network. What people do you need to let go? This can be a terribly awkward, uncomfortable situation because if you let go people who are attached to you some folks may not be happy about this. Tough! Surround yourself with positive, inspired people who pick you up during down times and who help you ride the wave during good times. Supportive, loving friends will point you in the right direction when you feel like relapsing.

More than finding the right folks to connect with simply prune less than positive folks from your life right now. What’s more important? Hurting someone’s feelings or living the life you dreamed of living?

Seek Professional Counseling

Professional counseling provides you with a safe harbor during trying times. No addict can kick their habit permanently unless they’re prepared to ride the highs and lows. Skilled pros know how to comfort you during tough periods. These people know when to prod you, when to push you and when to lay back and listen. Connect with a counselor today to remain clean and sober for good.

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