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Tips For Tidying Up Your Garage

No longer is your garage simply a place to store your ride. Today’s garages are multi-function living spaces in many […]

No longer is your garage simply a place to store your ride. Today’s garages are multi-function living spaces in many homes. Wash away the dirt and clean those cobwebs; by following a few basic tips you can spruce up your garage dramatically. This can actually become your preferred spot to chill or perhaps a valued work space. Many brilliant entrepreneurial ventures were hatches in garages. Don’t worry; you can even park the car in your garage if you so choose.

Adopt a new view of your garage. If you’re really enterprising you may even be able to spruce it up to rent it out for a nice passive income stream. There is so much potential for this undervalued area of the home. Be smart. Use your noodle to fix things up and to boost the resale value of your home.

Tips For Tidying Up Your Garage

Use these tips to tidy up your garage.

Use Wall Space Responsibly

Store more of your stuff using wall space. Take advantage of this valuable real estate inside of your garage. Don’t just use hardware like brackets and hooks to do your storage; lay plywood over studs to really get your storage game together. This helps you save space so you can store more of your possessions on the wall. Since you likely don’t have a ton of space to work with simply go vertical.

Look Up

It may sound like a wacky idea but hanging storage bins from the ceiling maximizes your garage storage capacity. What else are you using the ceilings for? Construct support carriages to neatly house your bins. Just make sure to use heavy duty bins and don’t overload your bins to keep things safe. You may just be able to move all of the stuff out of your attic and basement using such a smart approach.

Hang It Up

Hang up your wheelbarrow by simply using a hook or other device for wall storage. Wheelbarrows are notorious space hogs in garage settings. Use a wall to save yourself space and to create less of an eyesore. Neatly place the hook in a garage corner for a more pleasing presentation.

Hang Ladders from Up Top

Ladders are another item which gobbles up precious garage space. Instead of simply laying ladders on the floor fix up your garage with a ceiling carriage. Buy 2 sets of rollers so you can easily slide the ladder into the contraption. This is a cheap, easy way to pretty up your garage.

Build a Nifty Addition

If you want to add work space or simply want to create a hangout room, try creating an addition for your garage. Knock out a wall to build your new bachelor hangout. Maybe you want to create a new playroom for the kids. In any case, you can build a casual or workroom to spruce up your garage.

Let your imagination run wild. You can form a techy haven with a fully hooked up internet room or just go ahead and set up a new tool shed through this addition.

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