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Tips To Take Care Of Pregnancy Pains And Aches

As the expectant mother gains in weight, it is quite natural for her to face pains in the different parts […]

As the expectant mother gains in weight, it is quite natural for her to face pains in the different parts of her body. Pregnancy can be a real blessing if adequate measures are taken to ensure that the mother is fit and in good health. She should visit the physician regularly to get a chart on the diet and the type of exercises she is allowed to undertake, to stay in good shape. The nine months of pregnancy can be really challenging for any expectant mother as it brings in emotional mood swings and physical strains that need to be dealt with promptly!

Taking care of pains and aches

The expectant woman’s body tends to undergo changes in layers during pregnancy.  Pains and aches are part of this crucial stage in life and cannot be avoided completely. But with proper consultation from the experts, it can definitely be minimized to a great extent. One should not take painkillers to take while pregnant, without expert consultation.

Reduce abdominal pain

Cramps and pain are likely to emerge in the stretched abdomen muscles and ligament region. To get relief, the person can have a warm shower combined with daily exercise as prescribed by the health expert and suitable perfectly for pregnancy. Exercising regularly will tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles, thereby reducing occurrence of pain and aches. But exercises that require the woman to be on her back should be avoided in all possible situations. Otherwise, it will lead to reduced flow of blood to the baby growing in the womb.

Tackling smartly morning sickness

This is considered to be an effect that occurs regularly in pregnancy, especially during the initial trimester period. The woman is likely to feel nausea at any time of the day and it will lead to experiencing mild headaches and body aches. Consuming small amounts of meal frequently will help to manage this painful issue. Moreover, the diet needs to be rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and low in sweets and fatty foods. Besides this, an ample amount of fruits and vegetables combined with water should be consumed. The gynecologist might recommend taking vitamin B6. It is sure to bring down the anxiety and stress levels since hormonal fluctuations taking place during pregnancy stage lead to increased tension.

Relief from breast discomfort

The breast region becomes more sensitive during this period. Wearing inner-wear which offers proper support will help to provide relief to pain. Nursing pads can also be used within the inner-wear if the breasts leak.

Backache treatment

A healthy diet combined with regular exercise can help weight to be under control. Pain medicine in pregnancy should not be taken as desired. Only if the pain is acute, then pain relievers are to be taken but only as prescribed by the doctor. Performing a couple of exercises will help to minimize backache issues. Pregnancy girdle or elastic sling is to be used to offer the abdomen with appropriate assistance. Shoe inserts should be worn that are designed specifically for pregnant women.


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