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Top 10 Investment Tips

Although the overall economic situation may vary considerably over time, the basics of investing often stay constant. It is this […]

Although the overall economic situation may vary considerably over time, the basics of investing often stay constant.


It is this fact that allows investment professionals to be successful, no matter what challenges others may be facing.

Once you realise how to play by the rules, you can ensure that you are also on the path to success.

Here are 10 top tips for those looking to make better investments:

1. Do your research

If you insist on blindly following specific suggestions offered by others, then you’ll find that you do not learn how to evaluate individual positions.

It’s far better to do your research thoroughly and to make your own choices.

2. Invest in things that you understand

Those who make significant losses would often have to admit that they don’t know understand exactly what they were investing in.

It’s important that you shouldn’t find yourself in this position.

3. Think about your aims

The decisions that you take should be influenced by the specific aims that you have.

Those looking to generate a retirement income, for example, may have different objectives to those looking to make a relatively quick profit.

4. Don’t mistake gambling for investing

It may be tempting to think that you’ll be doubling your money within the space of a few weeks, but the truth is that investing money successfully usually involves a more considered approach.

It’s important that you should avoid the mistake of confusing gambles with investments.

5. Don’t rely on others

You may believe that other people offer great tips, or that there is a suggestion that you can learn from experts.

Ask yourself why others might be prepared to help you. Are they actually seeking to gain in some way?

6. Remember that the past and future are different

When it comes to judging individual investment opportunities, we may rely on information about the past performance of specific businesses or sectors.

This is frequently viewed as being the best way of considering what could happen in the future.

You need to remember however, that there is no guarantee that the future will pan out in the same way as the past.

7. Boring can sometimes be great

There are some investments that seem incredibly dull. If you decide to invest in bonds, for example, then it’s doubtful that you’ll be looking forward to stellar returns.

The idea of having a little security can, however, be rather appealing.

8. Don’t ignore dividend payments

When investing in stocks and shares, there may be a tendency to imagine that money will be made as share prices rise.

Although this may well be the case, you should not forget the fact that dividends can contribute heavily to successes. As a result, you need to include them within your calculations.

9. Monitor progress

It may not be productive to micro-manage your investment portfolio, but you do need to know what’s going on.

In particular, you should make the time to read news items relating to your investments.

10. Always look for opportunities

It can be tempting to think that you should set aside a little time each month to consider your investment options.

In reality, however, you’ll discover that you get inspiration from a wide range of sources.

You should never close your mind to the opportunities that may exist.

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