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Top 10 Leg Cramp Remedies

Leg cramps can happen to anybody at any time. They may happen because their legs are overworked and tired. Hence, […]

Leg cramps can happen to anybody at any time. They may happen because their legs are overworked and tired. Hence, there is a need to provide effective and efficient remedies for leg cramp episodes. The following techniques are the things that you can do to relieve leg cramps when they occur:

  • Water hydration

One tip to relieve leg cramps is to hydrate sufficiently.  According to experts, people who have leg cramps also suffer from a lack of water hydration. Drinking water daily and habitually will prevent such episodes.

  • Massage

Another way to remedy leg cramps is through massage techniques. Massage can be done by flexing and massaging your toes, especially if there is cramping of the muscles. Experts suggest that contraction and massage of the muscle opposing the muscle cramps is a good way to deal with leg cramps. This kind of technique will lead to the relaxation of the muscle that is cramping.

  • Stretching

Experts suggest stretching to relieve leg cramps. You can do stretching technique such as placing one leg on the floor and lift the opposite leg with its toe pointed toward the floor. Repeat this position alternately until the leg cramp is relieved. Stretching provides muscular limber and does not strain the muscle per se.

  • Warm bath

Indulge yourself with a warm bath before sleeping. This is a very good for remedy for leg cramps. The ideal way is to let warm water run down to the leg that is affected by the cramps. By doing this, you will effectively relax the affected muscles.

  • Take calcium

According to studies, calcium deficiency can lead to leg cramp episodes. Hence, to prevent such occurrence, experts advise taking calcium supplements or food and beverages that are high in calcium content such as milk or soya.

  • Ingest apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to be rich in potassium which is lacking during leg cramp episodes. Ingesting apple cider vinegar that is mixed with honey in a warm glass of water is suggested as a way of soothing the cramps.

  • Drinking a warm glass of milk

A good way to deal with leg cramps is by drinking a warm glass of milk before sleeping. By doing so, it will lessen the chances of experiencing leg cramps while sleeping.

  • Drinking red raspberry tea

According to studies, people who experience leg cramps can find relief by drinking red raspberry tea in the early morning, soon after waking up.

  • Consuming bananas

This is an effective way to prevent and treat leg cramps. The consumption of bananas is an easy remedy and bananas are known to have a great deal of potassium which is lacking when a person experiences leg cramps. Eating bananas on a daily basis will prevent such cramping experiences and will also increase the overall level of potassium in your own body.

  • Application of heat compression

A good way to treat leg cramps is through the application of heat compression to aid muscle relaxation. When you do this, the leg that is affected will undergo dilation, caused by the heat, and this will soothe the pain associated with leg cramps.

These are the common remedies that you can try whenever you experience leg cramps.

John Williams, the guest author blogs at, a health website and Health Zene. He is an editor for healthzene and also a writer on various remedies for certain conditions.

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