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Top 5 Places to Visit in Galle

Galle is one of the beautiful cities of Sri Lanka which are known for the tradition, culture and attractions. Galle […]

Galle is one of the beautiful cities of Sri Lanka which are known for the tradition, culture and attractions. Galle has everything which anyone wants to make their holidays better, you can experience many things here and it is one of the very nice places where you can take your family. Galle lies on the South Coast of Sri Lanka and as attractive as colonial city on the sub continental. It is the fourth biggest town of Sri Lanka. The main attraction of the city is the well preserved Dutch Fort. There is lot to see so make a list and use the information mentioned below to make your holidays more worthy.


The Meeran Jumma Mosque

Galle is the home of large Muslim community and also it has a big mosque in the old part of the town situated next to the light house. From architecture and structure its more just look like a church, but it’s a mosque and considered as the most sacred place of Muslims in Galle.

The Old Gate

Galle has many myths and stories about the history and if you want to turn the pages then you can head to the old part of the city. The Old Gate is one of the entrances to the old part of the city and you can easily access there by using local transports.

National Maritime Archaeological Museum

Head to the National Maritime Archaeological Museum and experience the ancient time of Galle. This museum is located in an Old Dutch warehouse inside the fort and it has been restored recently as it suffered damage in the 2004 by Tsunami.

Kanneliya Forest

Do you want to spend some time in the midst of green lavish natural environment where you can take a glance of some panoramic beauties and scenic views then I would suggest you to plan your schedule like you can visit Kanneliya Forest. Kanneliya is the breathtaking forest and you will find various plants and natural habitats.

Kataluwa Purwarama Temple

Spiritual life can lead you towards the immortality, and if you believe in this principle then Kataluwa Purwarama Temple is for you. The place is located in the midst of the city in little bit crowdie area but at last after reaching to the place you will find some sort of mental peace. This is a very special place and almost every person who comes to Galle, once comes to visit the temple. Architecture of temple is spectacular and you would enjoy visiting here.

Koggala Lake

Koggala Lake is the paradise for travelers and local fishermen, it s quite big and has many small islands. Some islands are named such as Temple Island, Cinnamon Island etc. You can take a boat and explore some new places. It’s a worthy experience for adventure seekers and for those who want to spend some time alone with their soul-mate.

All above mentioned places are counted as the top attractions of Galle. There are lots of things available to do and experience, just you have to plan your trip and head there.

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