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Top Reasons To Love Snow In Summer

Hurray it’s getting warmer and the never-ending, icy, windy British winter is coming to a joyful end – and good […]

Hurray it’s getting warmer and the never-ending, icy, windy British winter is coming to a joyful end – and good riddance…or is it?

Plenty among us love the snow all year round and enjoy escaping to it, even during the heights of summer when hardcore sun-worshipers are basking outside and working on their tans.

So, why is this? We think we’ve figured it out…

Hot and Bothered
Hot weather is gorgeous, beautiful and a blessed relief from a harsh winter, but oh boy does it get muggy!

Lounging around with a cold drink soaking up the rays is great for a time but then you start to sweat, your make up runs and you seek the cool sanctuary of indoors – however, when you embark on a winter holiday, you get to enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun when you’re out on the slopes with your snowboard or skiis and then when you get a bit hot and sweaty from all the exercise (which is extremely beneficial for you too), you just pop outside – gets our vote!

Sun Burn
Sunshine feels sooooo good gently caressing your skin – until you burn, which is surprisingly easy given the ongoing and worsening effects of global warming.

Additionally, given how eager us British folk are for a tan after the pale winter, chances are we’ll tan without cream and burn in as little as thirty minutes, a burn which can easily last for more than a week too.

Snowboarder Doing StuntSwimwear
Let’s not beat around the bush, unless you have a frame non-too dissimilar to Kate Moss it’s a delicate time for women everywhere – myself included – to break out last Summer’s bikini collection and see if the excesses of Christmas have made themselves permanent on tummies and thighs.

If you’re in your winter gear however, you can look sexy and stylish out on the slopes and then wrap up warm and enjoy a hearty dinner.

And maybe dessert.

School Holidays
If you’ve not got children of your own and enjoy the quiet solace of a break from work with loved ones, July through to September aren’t going to be terribly happy months for you.

Anywhere hot or remotely child friendly including restaurants, bars, theme parks, museums, hotels, motels and other popular tourist destinations are going to be noisy at best and chaotic at worst.

If you escape to a winter sports resort during the summer months though, chances are you’re going to be in the minority and largely, have a peaceful and revitalizing holiday.

In times like this, escaping the country for a bit of winter sport can be an extremely appealing idea.

Summer does have its traditions, but winter arguably has a lot more, least of which is Christmas! If you love tradition, turkey, presents and a viable excuse to go to bed at 9pm – you’re a winter person.

What’s better is you can do all of these things during the summer months – by escaping the country!

Obligation to go Out If you’re of the personality type that enjoys snuggling up with your loved ones then a winter environment, sleepy after a long day on the slopes and full of warming food is likely your idea of paradise.

When it’s hot outside though and the sun is out we all feel obligated to go out and be in the sunshine – so escape to the snow and get comfy on the sofa.

I love the sun, and even winter lovers love the sun – but if it gets tedious for you, I’m sure you’ll agree with the points made in this post! Can you think of any other reasons to love snow in summer?

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Part of the reason Lucy is such a summer scrooge is her love of snowboarding-she gets all her equipment from Snowboards4U when she’s booking her holiday for the upcoming season.

Next on the list – Whistler Resort in Canada!

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