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Top Tips Before Installing Solar Panels

There is increasing ‘buzz’ around the availability and uses of solar energy, and many houses can be seen with roof […]

There is increasing ‘buzz’ around the availability and uses of solar energy, and many houses can be seen with roof and elevated panels. There are some points to consider before installation is booked.

One useful tool is to use a ‘savings calculator’ (many are available on-line or through providers) to work out the costs of installation and to project how long it will take to make that money back. There is little doubt that efficient energy is absolutely achievable, but the initial installation costs can be reasonably high. Payment plans are widely available where monthly or annually calculated returns are paid towards the installation, coupled with an amount earned through cheaper bills.

Some tax or grant rebates may also be available in your areas, so check out if these are fitting for your plan and available by the time your installation is complete – if you have to make an applications, make sure you do so in good time and ask any neighbors of community members who have installed solar, what methods they used to manage the start-up costs.

Like any contractual agreement, make sure you and your intended installer realize the detail of the project – will enough energy be generated to arrive at an agreeable conclusion, are there any options in the way solar panels are fitted or look? Is the installer able to give references and happy customer reviews? Like any new industry, there can be traders around who have less experience than hoped for. Do the research thoroughly in the first instance.

Get a sense of how the panels will look on a structure or home; advice can be given about their positioning on a property, but there are a variety of sizes and designs which should be considered – the panels should last for around 20 years, or more, with limited maintenance; they are an important fixture to a home or building.

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