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Types Of Autism

Statistics show that 1-2 of every thousand people have autism and it is more prevalent in boys than girls.

It currently affects a reported 1.5 million children and adults within the United States.

The affected persons range from having a mild form to severe cases.

The exact cause of autism is yet to be determined.

What we do know is that it is due to a disorder within the function of the brain, but the cause is still not known.

This is likely due to each case being somewhat different with regards to various aspects of the brain having the abnormality.

At this time there is no cure for autism but there are treatments available to limit the odd behavior and ensure the individual can live a life with some form of independence.

This is all based on early detection of the disorder, so that the necessary treatments can be administered at an early age.

Below Are The Types Of Autism:

1. The Asperger syndrome (AS)

2. Rett syndrome

3. Childhood devastating disorder (CDD)

4. Pervasive enhancement disorder not otherwise specified (PDD NOS)

Each child is a different case. Since each case can vary, the treatment also varies based on the severity of the disorder with the individual.

  Treatments are administered throughout the entire lifespan of the person, and will need to be part of the daily regimen of the individual.

Based on the disease limiting your mental development, physical and occupational therapy have both been integrated as a form of treatment.

With Occupational therapy it allows the person to go through the aspects of doing basic skills such as bathing, lacing their shoes, and buttoning a pants or shirt.

The physical therapy aspect helps to keep the patient mobile and its goal is to help with body control. It utilizes heat and massage as part of this process.

Another form of treatment involves therapy to aid in the control of aggressive and inappropriate behavior. This is called applied behavior analysis.

The patient goes through a set of activities which required a certain level of skill, and it is based on the interest and needs of the patient.

The therapy is strictly between patient and therapist therefore group activity is limited.

Finally, communication, diet, sensitivity to touch, and some medications are also used as forms of treatment.

Communication by default is lacking with autism, therefore the skill set is utilized to help patients learn to communicate effectively.

Within this skill set, pictures are utilized to enable the patient to communicate using that method as well.

Foods such as wheat, oats, rye, casein have been shown to be at high levels with patients with autism.

An adjustment to diet can help, but should only be done with consultation with your doctor.

Vitamin A, B, C, and D have all shown to be crucial in limiting depression, improving the attention span, and limiting excessive behavior in patients.

They have all been shown to limit the symptoms.

Above all else, it’s very important that you consult with a doctor to receive all the latest information regarding the possible treatments for autism.

They can prescribe various types of medications that can aid in limiting depression and anxiety, but with most medication, there are side effects.

Discuss this with your doctor, and see what are the best options available for the treatment of autism.

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