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U.S. Presidential Elections 2012

As the last 24 hours to the final countdown arrive and both the Democrat incumbent Barrack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are tied equally at 48-48 in the nationwide popular vote, all attention has turned towards a handful of states that have in the past never been considered significant for the outcome for the presidential post.

These states have assumed so much significance because never has been the U.S. presidential election as close as this one. The closeness of the fight can only be gauged by the fact that even though U.S. is in the middle of a great devastation, covering the untouched and remote states even with very few electoral votes have become important.

Now that all the persuasion of voting for them is complete, a major issue remains of bringing the voters to the polling station. On Saturday the Obama campaign released an evocative advertisement titled “537 votes” the margin of votes in the controversial victory of Bush that landed him in the White House in 2000.

The last leg of the fiercest election having started, campaigning is in full swing with both the candidates touring not one state but three to four states in a single day. The clock has lost all meaning for both parties as the campaign machine begins predawn only to end after midnight to begin again predawn the next day.

Many poll researches show Romney and Obama in very close contest, yet it seems Obama is all set to run the second term as the world opinion favors him. Interestingly although popularity of Obama as president has taken a dive when compared to 2008, most countries are more optimistic about Obama than Romney.

China and Mexico have experienced the maximum dip from 62% to 38% and 55% to 42% but Russia has remained almost stable at 36% from 37%. European countries and Muslim countries have taken a dip for Obama especially because of the continued drone strikes by the US military in several countries.

However, many countries like India, Australia and China, Mongolia and parts of Africa and even part of America are siding with Obama.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney has not been able to find great support from countries around the globe. Only 40% Saudis, 40% of Russians, 100% Omanis, 40% of Poles, 25% of Ukrainians, 25% Hungarians 20% Filipinos, 33% Serbians and 100% of Iran have voted for Mitt Romney. Therefore, at the moment, the world can only wait and watch as America votes for its next President.

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