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Upside-Down Apple Cheese Pie

In my home, nothing says Sunday dinner party better than an upside-down apple cheese pie. It is always a very elegant dessert to serve and it makes your guests stare in marvel at the beautiful looking fresh pie. The name itself suggests elegance, delicacy and care. The upside-down apple cheese pie takes quite a long time to prepare and a little bit of practice. In fact, attention to detail and firm hand is a must while making this dessert. However, the incredible crumbly taste and the perfect mix of apple and cheese will make the long preparation worth your while.

The reason why it is called upside-down cake is because the first layer that we pour in the cake pan will actually end up being the top of the cake. Similarly, the last layer we prepare will be our base, once we flip the cake. One of the secrets to make sure you don’t accidentally break the crust while turning the cake upside down is to put a firm hand on the top and reverse it.



When the upside-down apple cheese pie is done, wait 10 to 15 minutes before turning it upside down on a serving plate. Make sure it is cold enough to be served, as it had to be enjoyed at a cool temperature rather than freshly out of the oven.

If there are leftovers, make sure to keep them properly refrigerated. In doing so, you might want to use air-tight glass bottles that guarantee freshness and quality. For the best deals on glass bottles, visit

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