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Utility of Network Traffic Monitoring

Utility of Network Traffic Monitoring

A network traffic monitoring solution examines network usage and provides accurate information about downtime and uptime statistics. The basic utility of a network traffic monitor is to keep an eye on the IP traffic, diagnose network bottlenecks thereby resulting in overall performance enhancements.

How can Network Traffic Monitoring help you?

With the help of network traffic monitoring you can obtain real time traffic monitoring and accounting. This approach is believed to be extremely dynamic in nature. It ensures that the registered dial-up connections are monitored on a consistent basis. Using the network traffic monitoring tool you will be also able to keep a record of the inflow as well as outflow of the web traffic. More specifically, it gives you an idea about the amount of web traffic that is accessing your network and is actually staying back convinced with your services. On the other hand, it also provides you information about the clients who have left your network after getting disappointed with your services. In fact, you need to focus on this aspect and try to find out the reason behind taking up this step. Persistent downtime issues are the major reason why your customers leave your network. However, with the help of network traffic monitoring you can identify the threats that cause harm to your network. Quality monitoring solution providers like Monitor Scout will send out instant notification through RSS feeds, emails and SMS. The sooner you will be notified, the quicker you can take up the needed measures to resolve the issue and help your clients with a flawless network.

Implementing the concepts and practice of network traffic monitoring

The practice and concepts of network monitoring can be best implemented to identify network bottlenecks, and quantify performance. Whether you are concerned about basic connectivity or severe network issues, this form of monitoring ensures to help you with all.

Identifying the bridge between theoretical potential of a network and its speed

There’s a demarcation between the theoretical potential of a network and the actual speed at which it delivers data. And if this demarcating line continues to increase, then the performance of your network starts drooping as well. Hence, measuring this gap and ensuring that speed of the network is in accordance to the its theoretical potential, you need to resort to network monitoring. Above all, what matters the most is how well your end users are responding to your network’s speed. If they are fine with it then it indicates that your network is in good shape. But then, at the same time if you find that your customers’ percentage is falling at an alarming rate, then your network is in serious trouble and you need to look for appropriate measures to resolve the same. The best part is that by monitoring your network on a frequent basis you can keep off from severe disasters.

It is unfortunate that even today most business professionals ignore the idea of network monitoring. But then, if you are really serious about your online business and want to run a network without any interruptions make sure to resort to network traffic monitoring.

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