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Various Ways To Make Your Bathroom Safe

Do you currently have children? If you do, then you know how important and difficult it can be to keep […]

Do you currently have children? If you do, then you know how important and difficult it can be to keep your home completely safe and absent of any and all dangers. One room in particular that you probably constantly worry about is the bathroom. The bathroom holds many dangers that could potentially harm a small child (i.e. cleaning supplies, outlets, hair accessories and tools, chemical, and much more). Even if you’re happy to showcase your precious The Art of Shaving products in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to keep safety precautions in mind. If you are actively looking for ways to make your bathroom safe and child-friendly, the following advice could prove to be useful for you.

Various Ways To Make Your Bathroom Safe

Consider Your Specific Needs

Before you start making changes to your home (specifically, your bathroom), it’s important to assess your needs and the needs of your child. For example, how old is your child and how often do they get into the bathroom. If you can simply shut and lock the bathroom door from allowing your child to enter, then you’ve easily mastered the task. However, if this not a viable option, then the following tips might be able to better assist you:

Install No-Slip Strips on the Bottom of the Bathtub

This tip is very important and should be incorporated immediately. Most children love to play, specifically in the bathroom or bathtub. If your child is constantly standing and/or jumping in this slippery environment, then get to work installing these anti-slipping devices. While you’re at it, you may also choose to place or install a cushion over the faucet of the tub or shower. This will help ensure that if your child does fall, he or she won’t hit his or her head.

Check the Toilet

You may be surprised, but some children love to play in the toilet. To prevent this and any future harm, get in the habit of keeping the toilet lid closed. Also, you may wish to install a toilet lid lock. Not only could children smash their fingers with the lid, but potential harm could come from the water inside the toilet.

Keep Various Items Out of Reach

It’s very important to keep various items out of reach. For example, shampoo, conditioner, soap, all cleaning supplies, etc. These different products could harm a child’s eyes and could also be toxic if swallowed or consumed. Do you or someone living with you shave? Make sure you keep all of the shaving supplies out of reach, preferably locked in a drawer somewhere. Shaving items (i.e. a razor, creams, and lotions) cannot only be sharp and dangerous, but liquid items can be toxic or hazardous.

It’s All About Supervision 

You can actively practice every single safety tip known to man. However, safety tips won’t matter if you – the parent—aren’t present. The best to avoid accidents from happening is to constantly be aware of your child’s location. Never, under any circumstances, should your child be permitted to play or be in the bathroom without supervision. If you’re with your child at all times, then the chances of he or she getting hurt in the bathroom are quite slim.

If you currently have (small) children, then you are well aware of the dangers that could take place. Preventing accidents from happening, though sometimes difficult, can be done. Remember, you need to consider your own child and your family’s specific needs and requirements. For example, if your child seems to always want to play in the bathroom, then take action to make the bathroom a safe place. The same can be said for any room of the house – the kitchen, the garage, the laundry room could all be dangerous places for a child. You can easily keep your child safe by making changes to your home.

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