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What Are A Level Retakes? Are They Worth It?

Are you waiting for your A Level results, and are unsure about what your next step will be? A Level […]

What Are A Level Retakes? Are They Worth It?Are you waiting for your A Level results, and are unsure about what your next step will be? A Level retakes are one option that you may have to consider, and effectively involves taking your exams again next summer; this can be worthwhile if you want to boost your grades, and can allow you to re-apply for university courses for the next academic year. It’s worth looking at A Level retakes in more detail, as well as at where you can look for courses.

A Level retakes have been subject to a number of changes over the past few years; rather than being able to take modular exams and resits, you can now only take a full exam again in the following summer after your initial test. January exams have been scrapped from September 2013, so you’ll have to weigh up whether you want to wait to take an exam again. For a comprehensive retake course, you can expect to pay somewhere between £4,000 and £6,000 per A Level; you can also take these courses at local colleges and schools.

Going with a specialist independent college is particularly recommended if you want to benefit from dedicated tuition, smaller classes, and more contact hours than you might have received in school. A Level retake courses are similarly recommended for their focus on exam techniques, providing you with as many opportunities as possible to improve your ability to get a higher grade. Mock exams and tuition right up to exam season can also be made available at these colleges.

While some people will opt for A Level retake courses that extend from September to June, many people find it easier to complete a short but intensive revision course in the lead up to the summer exam season. January to June courses can be a good idea, and can help you to refresh your memory and sharpen your exam technique after taking some time away from school and academia.

Retakes can be an excellent option to explore if you’re serious about improving your results; you’ll only get the most out of the process, though, by attending classes and identifying areas where you had problems in the past. Completing retake courses in a different environment than your original A Levels can particularly grant you a new perspective on your work, and can help you to focus on exactly how you’re going to pass a test.

Retaken results shouldn’t make a difference to university admissions, as long as you end up with the required grade at the end of a course; you can apply as normal through UCAS during the academic year, and can also opt to upgrade your application to a high ranked university if your retakes give you an event higher final result than you were expecting. Look into what offers are being provided by local colleges soon after your exam results, and think about what course will suit you best.

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