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What Are The Pros And Cons On Aluminium Windows

Over the years people have been using aluminium as their preferred windows. At the start of usage of this metal […]

Over the years people have been using aluminium as their preferred windows. At the start of usage of this metal in making windows; that is in the 70s and 80s, the aluminium used then was not of very high quality and it cannot really be compared to today’s material. The aluminium used today has been anodized thus making it more durable and ideal in serving as a good window making material. There are pros and cons of using this material compared to the other materials.

Aluminium is known for its lightness since the early years. This serves as a big plus whenever one decides to use it for the windows.  Installing of windows can be expensive if the distance involved form the supplier to the house is long and the supplier is not catering for the transport costs. In addition to that, installing heavy windows like those made of wood is more expensive because they are heavier. By the simple fact of having a few less pounds than the other windows, aluminium windows are cheaper.

The overall cost is low compared to the other types of windows since less maintenance is required. Unlike the vinyl and UPVC windows which get yellow with time, the aluminium windows are strong and will outlast the competition easily without the need of maintenance. This definitely becomes a good enough reason for many economically driven buyers.

Many of the people in the cities have to cope with the daily noise which surprisingly never ceases, whether night or day. Aluminium windows are good at coping with this and one can rest assured that the dreaded noise when one is looking forward to an unwinding evening is now eliminated. It therefore goes without saying that the aluminium windows are best suited for the city dwellers who happen to need noise blockers in their houses.

It is important that a buyer considers all the factors that are involved or the features that come with every product. Well, the aluminium window will give all the above advantages but when it comes to heat, it is a big no. Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat and this applies to cold as well. During cold weather, these windows will be a good way of letting the house get cold. However, to reduce this problem, the manufacturers have come up with the insulation trick where air is trapped between two panes and thereby reducing the amount of heat getting lost form the house. Still, wood is better in this aspect. Aluminium is therefore not ideal for areas that experience extreme winters.

Though the maintenance is low, there is the challenge of capping which would be required every so often to cut on the heat getting lost from the house and at the same time reduce the cold entering the house. The capping is done at the edges of the window where the air tends to leak through. This therefore makes it all the more reason why people in cold places would find the aluminium windows not very favourable.

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