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What To Avoid When Buying A Watch

It doesn’t matter if a low value watch is bought or one that is worth thousands of pounds because there are certain things to remember so that the right model is purchased on the first attempt. Here is what watch buyers should avoid so that the entire process goes according to plan:

Picking an EBay seller that has poor feedback

It is relatively easy to view the feedback for an EBay seller. By clicking on their name, feedback can be read. If an EBay seller has poor feedback, they must be avoided at all costs. As comments can also be given for an EBay seller from those who have previously bought their items, a watch buyer can decide if they want to purchase a watch from them.

No Certificate of Authenticity

An important document, a Certificate of Authenticity must be provided with a luxury watch. If a Rolex, Cartier or Breitling watch doesn’t have this document, it might not be genuine. Even if a luxury watch is authentic, its new owner will accrue added expense in obtaining it. Although they can ask an official dealer to issue a Certificate of Authenticity, hundreds of pounds might have to be paid. This is because it can also be reissued once a watch has been serviced. To avoid added expense, only buy a watch that has a Certificate of Authenticity and not vice versa.

Choosing a watch that hasn’t been serviced in a while

When a luxury watch is bought that hasn’t been serviced for several years, its new owner could be liable for a massive repair bill. By asking its current owner when it was last serviced, this important information can be determined. Consequently, a final decision can be made regarding if it should be bought.

Selecting a watch that takes several days to deliver

When a watch is bought online, find out beforehand how long it’ll take to deliver it. If a watch is purchased as a gift for an upcoming birthday, it might not arrive in time. When a watch is bought on an internet auction site, exact delivery times can be clearly specified. However, the exact opposite is true when a luxury watch is purchased from a website that specialises in buying them.

This is because an approximate delivery time might be given instead. By knowing exact delivery times and not an approximation, its new owner will know when it will arrive. If a seller provides their contact details, a buyer can get in touch if it hasn’t arrived by its planned delivery date. Not only does it make perfect sense to find out a delivery date but it also provides reassurance. Watch buyers could even filter sellers according to how long it takes for items to arrive. For example, a buyer could be chosen that guarantees a Next Day delivery service. As the exact cost for delivery is specified, a watch buyer will know how much they’ll have to pay which does help with budgeting.

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