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Why ID Cards Are A Must For Modern Business

Having employees carry some form of ID is increasingly essential in business. It could be to simply identify staff in […]

Why ID Cards Are A Must For Modern BusinessHaving employees carry some form of ID is increasingly essential in business. It could be to simply identify staff in a large building where people may not know each other. It could also be necessary for employees going out to visit clients to carry some form of identification.

We live in a world where it’s become harder to take anything for granted and people are more concerned about security and whether people are who they say they are. It’s therefore increasingly the case that whatever type of business you’re in, you need to provide your staff with identification cards. This might be part of an access control system in a large building, allowing you to easily distinguish between staff and visitors. It may also be because your staff members have to visit other companies or clients in their own homes.

For whatever reason you need to create identification, it’s important that it should look professional. Your ID badges reflect the image of your company, so if they appear shoddy, it won’t give customers confidence. A good design and quality production is, therefore, worth paying a little extra for in terms of your corporate identity.

Printing Your IDs

Once you’ve decided that your business needs to have ID cards, you have to think about how you’re going to create them. There are companies that will provide the entire service for you and that’s a good way to get started. If you need to produce a large batch of identification cards collection can be arranged to suit your timescale. You can then have your IDs in place on day one of the scheme.

When it comes to providing smaller numbers, though, to keep the scheme running and take account of changes, or you run a smaller organisation, you can choose to source the equipment to print your own cards. You can purchase a card printer and associated software at a reasonable cost along with all of the ancillaries like card blanks, lanyards and holders. You’ll need a camera to create photo IDs (a good quality webcam will do) along with some capture software. You should be able to put together all you need to create your company’s cards for a few hundred pounds.

What You Need

* Camera – a good quality webcam will do
* Image capture software
* Card design software
* ID card printer
* Blank cards
* Card accessories

Once you have the equipment, creating your cards becomes a simple matter and the cost per individual card will become lower over a period of time. If you have a regular turnover of staff, printing your own ID cards in-house will usually prove more cost effective than having them done elsewhere, certainly after the initial batch.

For a professional look, you may want to have your cards created by a designer. It’s then possible to order a pre-printed identification cards collection from a supplier so that you can simply add your own personalised information. Providing employees with identification is essential for modern businesses and it pays to do it right.


Shirley Jones specialises in writing about security technology. If you need an identification cards collection for your business, she recommends going to a specialist supplier.

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