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Why More People Are Shopping For Children’s Toys Online

Year on year we see a growth in the number of products that are bought online, ranging from large purchases such as vehicles to grocery shopping. People take advantage of online shopping for a number of reasons whether it is for convenience, price or for the ease of shopping online. Although there is a little bit of fun taken out of the whole experience there is certainly a growing market for children’s toys online.

Get the best prices online

One of the biggest advantages of buying online and one of the things that has had a massive impact on the high street is the prices! As an online store does not have to have a physical location they benefit on a number of different levels. Firstly, the fact that the store does not have to have a physical location means that the store can be run from wherever the owner would like. Many store owners including the large online businesses such as Amazon choose to run from jurisdictions that do not pay as much tax as mainland UK.

This means that the stores can reduce the prices by around 20%, which has had a big impact on stores such as HMV. The other advantage of not having to have a physical location is that the store saves on a lot of running cost. Businesses large and small can be run from a storage unit with a much smaller amount of staff. Some businesses use a drop shipping service and never even see the products that they are promoting.

Due to companies taking advantages of these loop-holes you can save a lot of money
buying online rather than in store.

Ease of Purchase

Another advantage of buying online is the ease of purchase. Online stores are becoming wiser to the needs of customers and developing shopping systems that can help a customer to purchase products without any problems. People are becoming more trusting about buying online which has led to the number of online purchases increasing, however the user experience is the key areas that has increased the number of conversions. Sites such as Amazon do amazingly well in terms of retaining customers. Amazon has even created a one click buy button. Along with the one click
buy button Amazon also make the most of user data and recommend related products.

Being able to see reviews about a product, look for discounts and look at the product without standing around in a store makes buying a children’s toy online really easy!

Beat the queue

Many parents will have experienced the drama of having to buy the latest toy at Christmas and rush around the high street in a ‘Jingle All The Way’ manner looking for the last Buzz Lightyear. However, it does not have to be like this any more! Not only are you be able to compare the prices of different stores, you can check availability and secure delivery, meaning no last minute rush! Browsing products online is much easier than searching in store!
What Next For Online?
There is already talk of Google setting up their own stores and with delivery getting even quicker more people will turn to online shopping. Although, this does mean fewer trips to the toy store, shopping for the children and adults can be stressful.

Daisy Burgess – Online Blogger and Shopper –

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