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Why Nuns And Ghosts Should Get Married

Taking out a financial product or an insurance policy is to be regarded seriously and only undertaken when you have all […]

Taking out a financial product or an insurance policy is to be regarded seriously and only undertaken when you have all the facts.  However, there are some light-hearted stories that alleviate the oh-so-serious concept of money borrowing and lending.

Rockford Tea Party Nuns

Show Me the Money

Most people take out insurance to protect against damage to their home, car and health, especially if they regularly partake in extreme sports.  Some people have taken fiscal matters to a whole new level however, taking out insurance against things that most of us would not even dream of.  Some members of the general public have taken personal safety matters to the extreme, covering themselves with policies which protect themselves and family members against the harrowing experience of being kidnapped for a ransom payment.  Taking out protection against this form of attack covers the buyer against the money demanded for their safe return, as well as any transportation costs.

Families are the focus of another available policy, which entitles the user to ‘twins’ insurance, enabling the access to an increased sum of money if having more than one child results in additional costs.  However, most insurers do demand that the insurance is taken out before you have a scan, or reach the twelfth week of pregnancy.  Dedication to sport is something that often divides a lot of families, due to a conflict of interest.  An insurance policy issued in 2006 prevented against any arguments or consequences, covering an England fan from any trauma suffered if England were eliminated in the early stages of the World Cup.  Upon consideration, maybe it was not such a crazy claim after all.

Casper the Not So Friendly Ghost

Weird and wonderful insurance policies are not confined to everyday occurrences, but transcend paranormal boundaries.  There are many insurance companies who offer protection from ghosts and aliens.  If you believe in extra-terrestrial life then there is a policy tailor-made for you.  A variety of insurers offer protection against alien abduction and will pay out if a UFO descends from the heavens and beams you up unexpectedly.

However, the paranormal activity does not end here, with insurance against ghosts available.  The policy covers holders against any trauma received from a ghost, with £1 million yours for the taking if you are transformed into a werewolf or a vampire during the melee; although it might take a bit of luck to spend your return with your new appearance.  Along slightly different lines, a few years back three Scottish nuns took out insurance against the concept of Immaculate Conception.

They were provided with £1 million worth of cover, which would come into play if it turned out that one of them was carrying the second coming.  Needless to say, the Catholic Church was not very happy with policy and it was promptly cancelled.

The Affluent Apocalypse

The super-rich, who are lucky enough not to have to think about insurance or taking out a loan, have been known to utilise their own form of insurance.  Four lucky buyers have reportedly bought underground condos, complete with stockpiled food and a safe space should Doomsday arrive.  Some affluent people have employed Doctors to be on call to them anywhere, at any time, paying the greatly increased cost of the best round the clock healthcare.  One famous NBA star has allegedly even installed an ATM machine in his home; maybe these could be an added improvement to the safety condos, even though there will be nothing to spend the money on.

After all this serious talk, it is time to lighten proceedings a little.  Money is also used for frivolous purposes.  James Cameron, director of ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar,’ bought a submarine and proceeded to collect footage for National Geographic.  One Russian millionaire had so much money he simply did not know what to do with it.  He has reportedly been known to make paper planes out of money, throwing them out of his office window and over lucky members of the general public in St. Petersburg.  A total of $2,000 fell onto the people in the crowd, making the millionaire one generous person.  If you do not want to throw your own money way, maybe these wacky insurance policies are not for you.  Even so, they will hopefully provide ample amusement.

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