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Why Should You Hire A Short Sales Expert Rather Than A Lawyer?

A short sale can be conducted by both a lawyer and a short sales expert. Many people have difficulty in deciding who to hire to carry the process forward. True, a lawyer may legally advice you on the matter but it still is advisable to appoint a short sales specialist. After all, even he knows the laws and can offer you effective advice. Moreover, a short sales specialist cannot really be a part of this profession unless he has been certified by the government.

If you hire a short sales specialist who is truly an expert at what he does, then he can acquire a full wavier from the lender. In other words, there is no price associated with hiring a short sale expert. Even if a wavier is not granted, you still have to pay a reasonable amount of fees. On the other hand, lawyers charge fees which accumulate to thousands of dollars. Moreover, lawyers will never refund your money if they fail in the task whereas many short sale specialists offer money back guarantee if they cannot get a short sale approved. So hiring a short sale expert can save you all the extra money you will have to spend over a lawyer.

All those lawyers who do get appointed to conduct short sales still have to work with a specialist. A specialist will be needed to list the property for sale, market the house, and search for a buyer. Since the property is yours, it is your task to select a realtor, and not the lawyers. So a smarter choice is to hire a short sales specialist directly instead of hiring a lawyer first.

Quite a few lawyers will probably not tell you that you can choose any specialist you want. They will just recommend you a few names, and ask you to choose one of them. This is because lawyers earn handsome commissions if you select one of their recommended specialists. The experts referred by lawyers are not even experienced so your short sales can even get disapproved.

In a nutshell, it is much better to hire a short sales specialist instead of a lawyer. The main reasons for this are the experience and the money back guarantee. These specialists are apt and skilled at what they do, and get almost all short sales approved.

Getting out from under debt and moving forward in your life is an important step, be sure you’re trusting experts with this decision.

Stephen C. is a law journalist in Las Vegas. If you are interested in hiring a short sales expert, then try Rothwell Gornt because they are one of the best in Las Vegas. Please visit their site for more information.

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